Tuesday, 21 March 2017

To 22

A few days ago I turned 22 and my first thought when the clock hit 00:00 was 'I did not achieve any of the goals I set for 21' these goals weren't anything special, just predictable things like lose weight, save money, blog more etc. Whether it be a new year, month or age I always repeat the same pattern.. set a goal, don't do it then get upset because I feel like I've failed life.

As Kylie Jenner once said, today I am 'like realising stuff', stuff like, fuck setting long term goals that will most likely be doable if I didn't put them on a pedestal and fuck thinking about what I haven't done and start thinking about what I have done.

Although it doesn't feel like it, a lot of things changed for me whilst being 21. Some low points were living in a shared house with people I didn't get along with, my mental health spiralling downwards, losing friends, suffering with social anxiety among other bad times but on the other hand, a lot of good things happened! For example, I started counselling for my anxiety (which massively helped), got into my second year of university, got into a relationship, started going to the gym more frequently, got a tattoo, attended my first Sofar Sounds event.. and so much more.

To end this, I would like to say to future 22 year-old-me.. unfortunately no ones life is as perfect as they make out to be on their Instagram feeds and that is the reality of life. Life will challenge you and you will have your bad days but you will also have your good days. Sometimes you wont realise how good something is until it is gone so make sure to live in the present, take nothing for granted and most importantly, have fun.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Starting again.

Hello, it's been a while! Since starting university I've not had the movtivation to blog. I have been filling perksofbeingally with sponsored wishlists and turning it into something I never wanted it to be. Fortunatley today is a new day and today I have decided I want to start again! I have been wanting to for a while, I just haven't had the time. I've been able to sit down, come up with new ideas, read blogs for inspiration and find the motivation I had once lost. Some of my friends are blogging now too so it makes it even more exciting. I'm eager to stick with and learn to love blogging again, until next time!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

READS #1 | Memories by Lang Leav

I wish I was one of those people that could read a different book each week, but unfortunately I have the attention span of a fish and dedicating myself to a book is about as difficult as figuring out what filter I want to use for an Instagram picture! A few weeks ago I watched Orion Carloto's 'Books I've been reading' video, one book she mentioned was Memories by Lang Leav. Memories features a collection of poems from Lang's two previous books Love & Misadventures and Lullabies (and includes 35 unpublished ones). I was rather skeptical to get this book as it's not a regular one with a story and I've never taken an interest in poetry, but I took the plunge and have never looked back!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Student Help Guide | Tips for moving into halls

Moving into halls can be an exciting time, moving out of your family home and living independently, making new friends, living in a new area and lots of other things! And as fun as it is, it can also be stressful if you don't prepare beforehand, so here are some tips for anyone moving into halls!

- It is super important to do your research on the different halls of residence your university offers. While it is easier to just go for the cheapest option, you have to remember that you will be living there for a while so it's good to think about the pros and cons of each place. For example, would you want to share a bathroom or would you rather an en-suite? Do you want a single or a double bed? How far is the halls of residence from campus? Would you have to pay to get a bus every time you have to go to uni? Would you mind walking twenty minutes to and from campus everyday?

Make a list for of things you need to buy
- Without a list, moving into halls will be a difficult time! You wouldn't think it but there are a lot of essentials you need to remember to bring with you. Firstly, check on your universities website for what is already available so you don't end up buying what is already there. It's easier to figure out what you need when you break it down into each room. The bedroom is easy to sort out as most halls have a wardrobe and bin so all you really need to buy is new bedding if it's a different size to your own, but most things you will have already from your previous home. For the bathroom you will need to buy cleaning products and possibly baskets to put all your bathroom essentials in. Lastly, the kitchen. Not only do you need plates and cutlery but also pots and pans. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read reviews on the kitchenware you buy as some things are cheap but the quality bad. I've had pots break within one use and pans catch on fire, funny thinking back on but my bank account wasn't laughing!

Friday, 3 June 2016

June Wishlist

Happy June! Could someone please tell me where the last 6 months have gone? this year is absolutely flying by! I have finally finished university for summer and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to do a post on all the things I wish I could afford this summer!

june wishlist

*1:  When we are blessed with a nice hot summer in the UK, boots are not the one to wear! I love wearing flat sandals because they pretty much go with everything and are so light on the feet! I think these ones from Brantano are so adorable with the floral pattern, absolutely perfect for summer with a nice dress!

2: I used to own a super cute bomber coat, but I lost it and in the past year (or two) bomber jackets have been getting so popular and I can't resist wanting one in every colour! I came across this bomb-ass-bomber on Monki! I absolutely love how they've styled it on the Monki site too, so basic but brilliant!

3: Finally, I absolutely love the Unisex Zara collection, my favourite piece is this t-shirt (which looks more like a jumper to me?) other than black I really love wearing grey, it goes with everything and looks pretty darn good with any lipstick! I think this would be perfect for those summer nights were it's not hot or cold, just the perfect temperature!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Top -  Topshop | Skirt - Tesco | Hat - Primark | Shoes - Topshop | Nails - Collection

Hello there, it's been months since my last outfit post so writing this feels so new to me! Although I've been spending most of my time in my room, I've still been loving the hot weather we've been having recently. On a trip to Morrissons me and Vanese thought we'd take advantage of the sun and have a lil impromptu outfit shoot!

Stripes are slowly starting to take over my wardrobe and I'm pretty much loving it. They're so great for hot days when you want to spice up an outfit without putting in too much effort. I saw this top in Topshop a couple of weeks back but couldn't afford it, luckily it's been put in the sale and only for £8! If I owned one, I probably would've styled this with a long mustard skirt, but instead I have my lemon nails from collection cosmetics. These shoes have never been featured on this blog but I got them back in October and have worn them to death (Like literally, the sole is non-exsistent!). Lastly, I've been enjoying wearing this hat that I purchased from Primark about a year ago. Its so easy to throw on when I'm having a bad hair day (which is most days!) or when in a rush. I'm all about these summer sales, I like the Topshop and ASOS sales and all the offers on Fashionbeans.com. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

OOTD | All In The Value

Coat - Matalan | Blouse - H&M | Skirt - Tesco Clothing | Boots - TK Maxx | Bag - River Island 

 A couple of days ago me and Vanese were popping in to town and the sun decided to join us.. of course we had to take full advantage of this and find a nice spot to take outfit pictures at. I settled on this wooden gate, it makes a nice change from my white background!

I bought this coat a couple of months ago at a bargain of £10 but have never worn it, I don't like to wear coats are shorter than my skirt - (also the neckline on it is so awkwardly scooped, it irritates me) but it's 2015 now and I've got to start wearing what I buy! I have fallen in love with this H&M blouse, I'm surprised I've not damaged it anyway yet, I've worn it so much! It goes with pretty much every lipstick and well.. that's all I've ever wanted in life! Finished the outfit off with my trust River Island bag, you can never go wrong with black and gold!