Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist | 2015

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Figuring out what I want is a real struggle, but this month seems to have been super easy! I feel I've accumulated a collection of things I've been wanting in 2015. 

1 - My love for stripes will never fade, I came across this striped top on Monki for an amazing price of £8 and thought it'd be a perfect piece to add to my wardrobe.

2 - I've seen this mug in Next a few times now and I feel I really need it, it make look a bit bland online but it's really beautiful in real life.

3 - Over summer I managed to all but one ring! So I'm in need of replacing them. I came across a lot of lovely rings on the Accesorize site, and found this one. I think it's so pretty and very inexpensive at the price of £12

4 - Over this year I've come across so many pairs of platform shoes and every single time I want to purchase them they never have my size! Fast forward to December and I have found a pair that are in my size, probably the nicest looking pair I've seen and have gone down to £27 from £45. I will be absolutely gutted if I can't purchase these bad boys before they go out of stock!

5 - I was hesitant to put this in as it's so "hipster" but who gives a damn?! Record players are awesome, I would've loved to grow up with one and to have built a collection or vinyl's over the years, but better late than never.

6 - Finally, I've really been liking the high waisted jeans and polo neck look that's been going around. I found these jeans on Monki, I really like the rips in the knees, gives it a lovely look!

Monday, 12 October 2015

MUSIC | 4 Songs I'm Loving

I don't usually do much in my free time, most of my days consist of me being in bed, watching vlogs and eating! Another thing I enjoy doing is listening to music. I could spend my whole day just browsing and finding new artists and falling in love over and over again. Here's four songs I've been loving so far this summer

Like Lust by Movement - I heard Movement's song "Us" on Teen Wolf and loved it, I then searched them up on Spotify and came across "Like Lust" and instantly decided that I will overplayed it for the rest of the year! I don't really know how to explain why I like this song, all I can say is that it's a song that I would like to be played at a very high volume whilst on a very long drive.

Winter Comes by Josh Record - I've been following Josh Record on Twitter for about two years now and until a couple of weeks ago had only heard one of his songs. I don't know why it took me so long to listen to his other songs, but it was so worth the wait. His album came out last week and I've been listening to it so much. It was such a struggle to choose one song from his album, but eventually Winter Comes won. I'm sad it's only 2 minutes, but it's a lovely song.

Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow - James' style of music reminds of Bon Iver and this song is basically everything I could ask for in a song. It's so beautiful and I don't think there's been a day in the last 30 days that I haven't played it at least once! The drums, his voice, the lyrics.. everything about this song is perfection. I wish I could listen to this song for the first time again!

The Human Story by George the Poet - I'm not sure if this one classes as a song so much, but it's still going in my list. I've only heard George The Poets stuff recently, but I'm really into it. This song is called The Human Story and it's pretty much trying to raise awareness of Black Organ Donors, I love the video it's all so brilliant! 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Etsy University Homeware Wishlist

Homeware wishlist

1, 2, 3, 4

Hello all! The summer holidays are coming to an end and it's finally time to go back to university. The last couple of weeks have been spent sorting everything out for uni. For anyone that is reading and has not, please please please make sure you have done your Student Finance, there is nothing more aggravating than having to wait for your loan to come in, even though sometimes it may not be your fault (as shown in this Metro article, showing a survey carried out by MyVoucherCodes!) I am moving into a shared house this coming weekend and have been getting excited about decorating my room. I have been spending my days on Etsy and it's fair to say that I am thoroughly obsessed! I've been watching an endless amount of "Tumblr Room tour" videos on YouTube and have been very inspired to have a tumblr-esque space! 

1 - I came across these a couple of months back and have just found them again, there's nothing more I love than a good quote! This is an instant download, so I think it would be nice to frame and put up above my bed! 

2 - As I said, I love myself a good quote, even better when it's an inspirational one! I like this one purely because it says "fearless" and thanks to Taylor Swift, it means a great deal to me!

3 - A mirror is an absolute essential and I think this one is beautiful! It's so beautiful that it almost looks fake.. (just me?!) 

4 - I thought this lamp looks pretty nifty and would look so adorable on my desk for those lonely nights writing up my essays

5 - After looking at so many rooms. I'm really liking the look of plants all over! I think this elephant planter would be so adorable to have!

Monday, 10 August 2015


Wishlist - no.15
Hello there, it's been a long time! 

Summer is coming to an end and it's nearly time for school, college and university again! I can't believe how long it's been since I last properly blogged, I had so much free time in uni but blogging seemed like such effort, I guess it's all about making time for it. Not once have I mentioned university on my blog, it's all been a bit hectic and I can't believe it's nearly been a whole year since I started! What a year it's been. For all you freshers that are about to start I just want to say good luck. University is fun and a really great experience but it really makes you question everything from yourself and your future! 

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Top -  Topshop | Skirt - Tesco | Hat - Primark | Shoes - Topshop | Nails - Collection

Hello there, it's been around seven months since my last outfit post so writing this feels so new to me! Although I've been spending most of my time in my room, I've still been loving the hot weather we've been having recently. On a trip to Morrissons me and Vanese thought we'd take advantage of the sun and have a lil impromptu outfit shoot!

Stripes are slowly starting to take over my wardrobe and I'm pretty much loving it. They're so great for hot days when you want to spice up an outfit without putting in too much effort. I saw this top in Topshop a couple of weeks back but couldn't afford it, luckily it's been put in the sale and only for £8! If I owned one, I probably would've styled this with a long mustard skirt, but instead I have my lemon nails from collection cosmetics. These shoes have never been featured on this blog but I got them back in October and have worn them to death (Like literally, the sole is non-exsistent!). Lastly, I've been enjoying wearing this hat that I purchased from Primark about a year ago. Its so easy to throw on when I'm having a bad hair day (which is most days!) or when in a rush. I'm all about these summer sales, I like the Topshop and ASOS sales and all the offers on 

Friday, 19 June 2015


It's June and my summer has officially started! On the subject of summer, now is about the time us girls start whipping out the razors so today I shall be reviewing Veet's Grape Seed Oil hair removal cream.

I absolutely hate using razors on my legs, I always end up cutting my self plus I just don't have the patience. I think it was about two years ago when I found out that hair removal cream was a thing and up until now I have always used Nair (purley because it's £1 in Savers!) up until a couple of days ago when I used Veet's hair removal cream*

 What I love about this cream is that you get a little spatula to help put on and take off the cream, of course without this you're forced to use your hands and I find that this is always a messy process so it was nice to not have to spend ages getting the cream from under my nails! I also noticed that there was so much cream in one tube and after using it on both legs I still had enough to probably repeat the whole thing. The last thing I loved about using this cream was the smell, I don't know how they did it but this hair removal cream smells like absolute heaven compared to any of Nair's scented removal creams. When using Nair I've found that the smell is always so strong, I've had a housemate ask what the smell was when my ensuite bathroom door and room door were both closed, even worse when I had to explain what it was! The only negative I noticed when applying the cream to my legs were that they did sting at times but it wasn't too bad, it was more than berable just a bit irritating.

Overall I give Veet's hair removal cream a 9.5/10!

Friday, 8 May 2015


May wants
Where has the time gone? How are we already in May?! Today I bring you my May Wishlist!

1 - Skater Dress | I keep seeing these co-ord like dresses and can't help but feel so jealous of everyone who can rock them! (I'm on a mission to find a similar one in petite!) I love that you could wear it for a special occasion or even casually in the summer with some pumps! 

2 - Court Shoes | Since working in Next I've seen so many women rocking little heels and I'm not a big fan of smaller heels but I'm growing more fond of them recently.. I think these ones are absolutely beautiful and would look absolutely amazing with the dress above

3 - Bomber Jacket | I'm not sure when bomber jackets will fall off trend, but it's still in and I'm loving this one from Monki. So lightweight and easy to style, they're going to be so big this summer!

4 - Gold PU Skirt | This skirt from Topshop is so beautiful, I remember seeing it in store and really wanting it but the price was too high and now I've found out it went down to £5 but is now sold out! I love the colour so much, I'd probably style it with something black. Fierce!