Thursday, 8 March 2012

Accessorize to Accessorize!

Hello there! So, I've come across a-hella-lot of jewelery today and I thought "Hey, I should blog about it!" hahaha, so here I am, doing exactly that! 

Turquoise Sideways Cross Bracelet

I remember when I saw this for the first time, I very nearly passed out! 
I think it's the most beautiful bracelet my eyes have ever seen. 
It's simple, yet effective and I love that. 

These beautiful cross bracelets come in a various amount of colours 
 (as you can see underneath) 

You can get these beauty's for £10 at Wired Jewellery and the sizes vary from XS - XL so there's a size for everyone!

Cosmic crystal triangle necklace

This is very beautiful to me. The colours are unique and the fact that it's crystal makes it just that little more attractive. 

The necklace it self is £14.00 from Regal Rose and that is for an 18 inch, a 24 inch is £15.00 and a 32 inch is £16.00.

Bonnie Howlite Skull Long Necklace
I really love the skull faces on these necklaces, they're very different to a typical skull necklace. These necklaces are only available in Turquoise and Black for the price of £11.00 also at Regal Rose.

Quartz Bullet Necklace
Well, I for one am very attracted to this necklace and if I had one, I'd probably never take it off!
Most bullet necklaces have only 1 colour on the top and bottom, but what makes this one so special is that it's gold at the top and clear white crystal on the end. 

This amazing necklace is £14.00 for a 20inch and £16.00 for a 30 inch at Wired Jewellery.
Grab one while you can, these necklaces will probably shoot out of stock!

Triangle Segment Ring
Now, I wouldn't mind having this beautiful, gold, segment ring on.
This triangle ring comes in Small, Medium and Large, so if you like it, you can go get yourself one from Topshop.

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