Friday, 6 April 2012

About Me Tag

Hello, so my twin sister Vanese did a "Tag Me" and tagged everyone who read it! So, I'm going to answer the questions! 

 Are you named after anyone? - This is just a great question and it will come with a great answer hahahaha. Me and my sisters wanted to know about our names and we asked our mum about them the other day, she told us that our dad picked them out.. normal, yeah not so normal. Our mum then told us that he picked them out from Page 3 girls .. awesome! Oh, it would make sense if you actually knew my real name! My name is Alicia, but I'd rather everyone call me Ally!

What was your best memory as a child? - School trips! There were 2 that I went to in year 5 and 6 (i think!) but I can only choose one, so I pick the one I went to in year 6! 
We went to a place called Knapphouse, it was a yearly thing my school did and it was absolutely fab! At Knapphouse we got to do lots of water and outdoor activities that were just plain fun. I'm quite shocked right now, thinking back at all the things we did at such young ages! We went surfing and rafting and just did loads of cool things. It's quite funny, all the staff there were men! They were lovely and everyone had banter with them. We stayed there for a week so on the Thursday we had a disco thing. Everyone dressed up and had a really good time. Oh, what I would do to do that again.

Do you have any siblings? - Yes, I have a twin sister and an older sister.

What’s one thing most people probably don’t know about you? - ... I've been sitting here thinking for quite a long time as to what I could say, than thought to myself "you really need to stop telling people everything about yourself" But the most interesting thing about me that "most" aka "strangers" don't know about me is that I am a pescetarian! A pescetarian is a vegetarian that eats fish! How I came about this, you ask? well, through year 7, 8 and 9 I've been an off and on vegetarian. "On and Off" being because I was young and my mum is, well .. my mum! so when you know, i got very far in my new "diet" she must of thought "Hey, I'm gonna make some chicken and I'm going to make Ally eat it because I'm hilarious" so she basically forced me to eat it *sad face* so that kept going on for ages hahaha, until year 10 and then in year 11 came and I was chilling on Tumblr and then I came across this video and it was so horrible, all these little animals being skinned and killed and oh my gosh, it was so shocking and waaaaaaaay more blood and stuff seen than a stereotypical "animal cruelty" video and it was so sad and then I was like "naaaa, you gotta change Ally" and I have no sympathy for fish, sorry fish xxxxxxxxxx

Do you have any pets? - YES, my cat Bella :)

What do you order at Starbucks? - Usually a caramel frapp, but on special occasions (like Christmas) I get whatever's new and seasonal!

Favourite song at the moment? - The Wanted - Chasing The Sun :)

What day is your favourite day of the year? -  Usually the first day of summer.

If you could marry anyone in the world who would it be? - Too many men for a question like this, but James Franco is quite amazing. He loves cats and he's sexy, what else could you want?

What is your favourite thing at the moment? - My guitar! I changed the strings so it's actually tuned now, so it's my favorite thing right now!

What do you want to be when you grow up? - Well, I like to sing, but I really think if you want to be a singer you've got to learn to write your own music and after many attempts of doing so, i'm officially a fail. So, I really don't know!

Thank you if you actually read that and I hope that gave you a better outlook on me!

I tag YOU. 

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