Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Body Image - TAG!

So I was on YouTube and I saw this tag video. I thought it was a good tag because it's a part of life and Body Image is something I believe it quite a serious subject. So, why not talk about it? ... here goes nothing! 

                                    Have you ever been bullied about your body?

Never bullied, but comments.. and comments that probably aren't meant to purposely meant to upset me, but being quite insecure, little comments tend to get to me.

                                         Whats your favorite body part?

    Erm ... I don't have one .. oh gosh.. well actually.. this is really strange, but it's part of my body! My feet.. can I say that? .. YOLO it's the only thing I like if I have to be really honest. I like my feet because, I like the size of them. I'm a size 5 and I like being a size 5 because I can always find shoes that fit! 

                                              Whats your least favorite body part?

      Argh, out of everything, probably my stomach. Yuck, I just hate it. I just wish I had the "perfect" flat stomach.

                                        Does the media influence your view of beauty? 

          HECK YES.
          Everything's about having the perfect body these days. No. It's like you can't be accepted if you don't have "the look". AND some jobs, if you're not what they see is "pretty" then you have no chance. And that's not fair.

                                                          Are you addicted to dieting?

              No.. I've never tried a proper diet because that takes time and money and ME, I don't have time and money. I do change the way I eat, how much I eat and just keep it simple. But I'm not addicted to any kind of diet, I don't think I could. I love food too much.

                                                         What do you get most complimented on?

                  My eyes, people say their big and a nice colour (well, when the sun is out!)

                                                     What would you like to change about your body?

                      There's a whole list I could go through.. here's some!
                      1. I'd change my height, just to be a bit taller, I think 5'2 is way too small. 
                      2. Irrelevant stretch marks. I have stretch marks in such random places, places on my body which I would like to show and it sucks that I can't show because it's rather embarrassing. So I'd get rid of them.
                      3. My stomach. I'd love to have a nice, flat tummy.
                      4. Lastly, I'd make my eyes the same shape. One bigger than the other and it really bugs me!

                         Would you trade 1 year of happiness for the perfect body for the rest of your life?

                          No, happiness doesn't come around very much, having it is pleasurable. Having the perfect body, can be, but nothing beats happiness. 

                          Thanks for reading (which I'm assuming, you did!) 
                          I tag YOU!


                          1. Hi Ally, I just came across your blog and I ♥ this post in specific. Not many females feel comfortable letting the rest of the world what they love and don't love about they're bodies but you aren't afraid so more power to you. I love this post so much I'm going to continue the tag :) hope you stop by and check it out. I am now your newest follower =}


                            1. That has really made me smile, thank you so much, that is super lovely :) Thank you for continuing the tag and for follow me!
                              Your blog is lovely, I can't not follow you back! :D x