Sunday, 27 May 2012

My life in pictures & life update #4

I got an email from Soundcloud to say that my cover has had nearly 100 downloads, it made me seriously happy! // Me and Ellie (today) rocking the same earrings // I had Pot Noodles for the first time in years, it was yummy // Went to Office and lovely Ellie took a photo for me wearing them, they're really nice and comfortable // Sian, Me, Juliet and Shekinah and I proudly smiling and posing with the TW poster that we saw // I got my Hackney Weekend ticket! // My mum's birthday cake // Creepers that I saw in Office, beautiful // Me and Ellie being wacky! ;)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

How I style my shirt, with some epic dancing!

My life in pictures & life update #3

Basically, I was looking out of a window and I saw these two "lovebirds", not even a joke, they were in love, petting at one another as if they were kissing. I've never seen anything cuter. // Me and Vanese getting ready to go out for a meal and Nandos with our buds. // A picture of TW bobble heads, taken earlier this year. // Some sexy creepers that I saw // "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" one of my favourite films // My Nandos meal - which Shekinah photo blocked with her hand! But it's Chips and a beanie burger. // Me before going to Nandos // A lovely cat me and Vanese met // And me in Nandos!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room, you know, you made my eyes burn...

Hello! So on Wednesday I bought two clothing items and I thought I'd quickly blog about them :)

The first thing was this lovely pink dress. There were many different designs and colours and I loved this one. I actually saw one that was in a teal colour and I was going to get it, but there was only 1 of them that I saw and it wasn't in my size and I couldn't find the whole stock of teal coloured ones. But they're so cheap, I'm gonna look again and see if I can find it!

It has little flower cuts through it, small enough for you not to have to wear anything underneath .. (well not for me anyway!) 
It has a cut in the back and it also has string that you tie around your back.
And this dress is £6 from Primark. SO CHEAP!
The dresses come in different colours and every colour has it's own pattern on it. Some of the patterns are the same. They're lovely day dresses, I think they're wonderful.

And I got these High waisted shorts from a British Heart Foundation Charity Shop (As the tag obviously shows!) and obviously this has been donated so you won't be able to find this .. well, unless someone else has.. you know- you get what I mean!
 I'm happy with the back pockets, I don't really like it when shorts and have small pockets!
I think I'll do an OOTD kind of  thing with these shorts and the shirt I cut :) 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My life in pictures & life update #2

I always drive past this pink house, it's my favourite // Vanese took a picture of me wearing my new earrings // Taking off my glitter nail polish // My cut shirt // A "Banter" shirt that I loved // A mouse looking cloud // Me and Vanese moustache you a question // Juliet's sexy and she knows it //Inspiration from Marina, I drew a heart on my hand.

Snip Snip!

HELLO, so today I was watching a load of D.I.Y cutting shirts videos and I reminded myself that I have 2 shirts  that I hate and should be customized! 

I couldn't find one, but I found the other! 

                This is a men's shirt that I brought from Primark. I think it's a nice shirt but I don't like the way it                          fits on me. I find it too tight. 

This is how I wanted it to turn out!
 This is how one of the sleeves turned out. (I love the way this sleeve cut, the other didn't do the same *cries*) 
And this is how it turned out! I know, I know.. It's not all the same measurements.. but YOLO. 
I won't ever wear this out because I hate my arms. Maybe, I'll wear it with shorts and a denim shirt? But yeah.. this is it! I also cut the collar bit because it looked really weird with cut sleeves and a neck line how it was!  

Monday, 7 May 2012

Get the look - Demi Lovato

Hello, so I saw this picture on Tumblr and I thought
 I would be stupid not to do a GTL on it! :)

Get the look - Demi Lovato

1 - Brown Feather Earrings - RoganBerrys - £4.50
2 - Cross Multi Row Necklace - Topshop - £20.00
3 - Sheered Top Floral Maxi Dress - Matalan - £14.00
4 - Cross Skull Charm Necklace - Topshop - £12.50
5 - Peace Rosary - Topshop - 12.50
6 - Blue Light Wash Denim Shirt - River Island - £25.00
7 - Triangle Mesh Pendant Necklace - Topshop - £14.00

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Giveaway goodies! :)

Hello, so recently I won a giveaway from LeaShug!
I received it yesterday, but no one was in to see to the post man, so I had to get it today!
I love how she put her name and gave me a note, I think that's so cute!
The note says "Thanks for subscribing really appreciate it my dead. Continue with your singing & enjoy your goodies sweetie" so sweet, things like that make my day :)

I now own....

 Sleek Blusher in Sahara 

 Clavin Klein - Lipstick - First Kiss

Calvin Klein - Lipstick - Henna

Rimmel London - Lipstick - Sugar Plum / 086

Rimmel London - Lipstick - Paradise / 050

Rimmel London - Lip pencil - Indian Pink / 004
I think this looks better as a lipstick than a liner!

The other lip pencils, I've swatched them because you literally cannot see them on my lips!
(Right to left)
1 - Rimmel London - Indian Pink/004
2 - Rimmel London - Tiramisu/050
I'm probably wrong with the order of the next two!
3 - NYX - Chesnut /08
4 - NYX - Hot Cocoa/12

and that is it! :)

P.S Rimmel London lipsticks smell of heaven. I wanted to eat my lips off!