Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room, you know, you made my eyes burn...

Hello! So on Wednesday I bought two clothing items and I thought I'd quickly blog about them :)

The first thing was this lovely pink dress. There were many different designs and colours and I loved this one. I actually saw one that was in a teal colour and I was going to get it, but there was only 1 of them that I saw and it wasn't in my size and I couldn't find the whole stock of teal coloured ones. But they're so cheap, I'm gonna look again and see if I can find it!

It has little flower cuts through it, small enough for you not to have to wear anything underneath .. (well not for me anyway!) 
It has a cut in the back and it also has string that you tie around your back.
And this dress is £6 from Primark. SO CHEAP!
The dresses come in different colours and every colour has it's own pattern on it. Some of the patterns are the same. They're lovely day dresses, I think they're wonderful.

And I got these High waisted shorts from a British Heart Foundation Charity Shop (As the tag obviously shows!) and obviously this has been donated so you won't be able to find this .. well, unless someone else has.. you know- you get what I mean!
 I'm happy with the back pockets, I don't really like it when shorts and have small pockets!
I think I'll do an OOTD kind of  thing with these shorts and the shirt I cut :) 


  1. my primark doesnt stock these!
    gutted :(
    such a cute dress

    1. Oh no! Sometimes my Primark stock up later than everyone, so you should keep checking, there's still hope! :D x