Giveaway goodies! :)

by - May 02, 2012

Hello, so recently I won a giveaway from LeaShug!
I received it yesterday, but no one was in to see to the post man, so I had to get it today!
I love how she put her name and gave me a note, I think that's so cute!
The note says "Thanks for subscribing really appreciate it my dead. Continue with your singing & enjoy your goodies sweetie" so sweet, things like that make my day :)

I now own....

 Sleek Blusher in Sahara 

 Clavin Klein - Lipstick - First Kiss

Calvin Klein - Lipstick - Henna

Rimmel London - Lipstick - Sugar Plum / 086

Rimmel London - Lipstick - Paradise / 050

Rimmel London - Lip pencil - Indian Pink / 004
I think this looks better as a lipstick than a liner!

The other lip pencils, I've swatched them because you literally cannot see them on my lips!
(Right to left)
1 - Rimmel London - Indian Pink/004
2 - Rimmel London - Tiramisu/050
I'm probably wrong with the order of the next two!
3 - NYX - Chesnut /08
4 - NYX - Hot Cocoa/12

and that is it! :)

P.S Rimmel London lipsticks smell of heaven. I wanted to eat my lips off! 

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  1. Congrats on winnning the givewaway! it looks great :)