Sunday, 13 May 2012

Snip Snip!

HELLO, so today I was watching a load of D.I.Y cutting shirts videos and I reminded myself that I have 2 shirts  that I hate and should be customized! 

I couldn't find one, but I found the other! 

                This is a men's shirt that I brought from Primark. I think it's a nice shirt but I don't like the way it                          fits on me. I find it too tight. 

This is how I wanted it to turn out!
 This is how one of the sleeves turned out. (I love the way this sleeve cut, the other didn't do the same *cries*) 
And this is how it turned out! I know, I know.. It's not all the same measurements.. but YOLO. 
I won't ever wear this out because I hate my arms. Maybe, I'll wear it with shorts and a denim shirt? But yeah.. this is it! I also cut the collar bit because it looked really weird with cut sleeves and a neck line how it was!  

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