Friday, 20 July 2012

How I style: A Blazer

 Yesterday me & Vanese took crap loads of pictures.
I took pictures of me in about 1287332132 outfits but I have narrowed them down to 4!

 I don't own my own blazer but my mum does and it's not my size but you can't tell (can you?!) so I thought it would be cool to see how I could style them. I do apologize in advance for not knowing where half the items that I'm wearing are from! <3


 I remember being younger and seeing older teens/young adults wearing outfits like this and I can't deny it, I've always destined to wear this outfit. A blazer, shirt paired with tight fitting jeans (the jeans I'm wearing are a size or two too big, but that doesn't matter, you can see what look I'm going for!) I think these outfits are perfect because you can wear it on a night out or just casual.

Mid heel shoes - New look - £12
Jeans - Got these time ago, so I don't know, sorry.
Shirt - Primark - £3
 Blazer - Asda - £25 
Cross earrings - Topshop - £4


(I do not know why I look like that here ^ .. I DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT!!!)

When thinking of outfits to wear with a blazer for this post, I thought that I'd see what it would look like with shorts. I thought the results came out good! I like that the shorts were just as short as the blazer. I think over-wears (like cardigans, blazers etc) should always be long/short as your shorts, I don't know why, but that's just what I like, I guess! 

Mid heel shoes - New look - £12
 Blazer - Asda - £25 
Shorts - D.I.Y
Shirt  - Primark - £3
Cross earrings - Topshop - £4


I love this chiffon skirt, I try and style it with lots of different things, but always fail then just wear it with a black cardi and a black top. I need to stop being so comfy in black and start living on the edge! I need to experiment. Even though it's black, I love the blazer with the skirt. I think this gives off a classy look. The shirt buttons and the skirt in my opinion look good topped off with the blazer.

Mid heel shoes - New look - £12
 Blazer - Asda - £25 
Cross earrings - Topshop - £4
Leopard print, chiffon skirt - New Look - £7 
Shirt - Bought ages (It's actually Vanese's .. but it was 
bought ages ago and I doubt she remembers!)

I very recently bought this dress so it's nice to see what I can style it with already. 
I'm very angry with myself though, I accidentally pulled off a strap where the belt goes into. Silly Ally!
I really love how it looks with the blazer, definitely could be used to day or night, me thinks!

Mid heel shoes - New look - £12
 Blazer - Asda - £25 
Cross earrings - Topshop - £4
Dress - Camden Town Market - £18 but blagged it for £12!

Which outfit is your favourite?
Do you like blazers?

Thank you Vanese for taking my pictures, you are a babe!
And also thank you to Jenni for awarding me the Liebster Award, you are also a babe!
I shall have that post up very, very soon :D

Thanks for reading :) 

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  1. love the dress, its definately really versatile. thanks for the blazer advice :)

    following your blog, maybe check out ours?x

    1. Thank you! No problem, ooh thank you so much!
      I will most definitely check out your blog - I have just looked at your blog, it is really good, I am following you! xx