Friday, 31 August 2012

If I had a boat, I would sail to you,
hold you in my arms, ask you to be true.

Inspired by Vanese's latest post, I have come up with some Polyvore outfits for
ideas for myself for my Uncle's wedding in November.
(Title lyrics are "If I had a boat"James by Vincent - Great song)

You won't get to me

Here we go again

I miss who we were

Your shadows lurking over again

i'll be here waiting for you

I got your picture on my wall

I got your picture on my wall by allyretro featuring a cropped jacket

Do you like these outfits?
Which is your favourite?
How would you style them differently?


  1. The first outfit is my favourite I've been eyeing up that dress in Topshop recently!

    1. Eeeh, glad you like it! Same here, it's so beautiful x