Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Today, I'm laughing the clouds away.

Hello there, happy Halloween!
 Once again I am doing an OOTD with an item of Vanese's.
It's fine, she loves me, s'cool!

This outfit probably isn't the best for the weather/season, but I'm sure if I popped on a cardigan & wore some tights I could make it more season-appropriate! 
I'm sorry that these pictures are in such bad quality. 
The laptop webcam is probably the most decent. I need a camera!
I wore my dress underneath because it has a cute patten and the top is sheer. 
Here is me showing you that this shirt is bat-winged, I think that's what you call it?

I found my mum's trapper hat that she got last year. (I think I may have to take it from her)
I put on red lippy and put some effort into my eyeliner. 

Burgundy shirt - Vanese's
 Skirt - Charity Shop
Lipstick - Ruby Red by Collection
Eyeliner - Collection

How amazing is McFly's new song Love Is Easy?
 The video and the song is just so perfect. McFly are awesome! 
Also, how amazing is Taylor Swift's new album Red?! 
My favourite songs are Everything Has Changed, Begin Again, The Last Time and State Of Grace.

I was so happy when I tweeted my last
 post "Pick Of The Week - Peter & Kerry" because I got these.. I am a happy bunny :D

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pick Of The Week - Peter & Kerry #1

Have you ever come across something and ended up loving it? then wanted everyone to share that love with you because that thing that you love is super amazing and you just want to shout on rooftops about how you feel about that thing that you love so much?!
 Well, I'm here to introduce you to Peter & Kerry. 
Your new obsession.

I've raved on about these two subtly in a few previous posts, but now 
I feel that  it's time to dedicate a whole post to them! 

One day I was innocently browsing through Spotify and I came across Peter & Kerry. Now, I've come across a lot of amazing artists/bands on Spotify, but when I heard these two.. I couldn't even.
   Their music is so unique, beautiful and relate-able. The different instruments they use to make their songs are all so cool. They give off this retro theme. I like!

As I always say, lyrics is the most important thing in a song and I can openly admit that all their lyrics are well and truly amazing. 

I don't know much about these two because I feel that there's just not enough information on the internet - but that's fine because they have a little section on their website that I will now quote for you!

"Peter & Kerry began as an impulsive side-project. The two solo artists, who had become close friends following a years' worth of label-related activities, decided to make use of some spare time one weekend in the late-Summer. Having never fully-collaborated, the duo bravely embarked upon an uninterrupted writing and recording session which took place over several days at Peter's family home in Southampton. They returned to London with a finished record"

Both voices, by themselves are equally amazing.. but when they sing together .. I just.. no words

can explain the feelings I feel when I hear them singing together. 

Here is them performing their song "I Don't Know" listen to the amazing-ness!

They also covered Teardrops

And One Thing (click here to listen to that)

Their latest song is Split For The City, I love it!
I love their artwork, it just really goes with the song 
My favourite lyric from this song is
"This isn’t personal, yes I still love you, but I’m not in love with you"

I'm seriously obsessed with their music right now, I don't think will be changing any time soon!
I'd love to see them live one day because they're just fantastic. I seriously wish them all the best of luck in their career, they need to be noticed more, fo' sho!
You can listen to all of their songs on their Soundcloud (My fav is Cirque)

Their debut album "La Trimouille" can be downloaded here
Other links

Before I go I would just like to quickly say that I've added a "Song Of The Week" gadget on my blog 
(top left, under my header!) I've added a song by Peter & Kerry on it this week, so go enjoy! 
I will be changing it every week! 

When I tweeted the link to this, I tagged Peter and Kerry and this happened..
Made my day! ♥

Thank you for reading 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

My life in pictures & life update #8

I probably won't have a new post up before Halloween so I thought I would be smart 
and have a Halloween inspired title. [Listen to the song from the title here]

I've not done a "My Week In Pictures" in quite a while!
So this is one of those "My Last Few Months In Pictures" with the 
tag still being "My Week In Pictures" hahaha.
I took this picture a little while back, it's like my only picture with my nose ring.. which I miss dearly. // Breaking Dawn : Part 2 post - so excited! // Vanese, me, Juliet and Sian being crazy in London // Me and Vanese having fun with the fancy mirrors // I don't remember what drink I ordered, but it was yummy! // Phil and Dan on the news! // Me and Juliet // Nails from the Collection event // Scariest baby toy ever? // Being a bit more cray in London // Me, Vanese and Sian at the Teen Awards // Water, salad and fruit for lunch. Nom. // Me and Vanese being llamas // Dan is adorable // Confetti at the Teen Awards // Mary, Vanese, me and Juliet at the Collection event // Beautiful // Yellowy trees // This was so yummy, I forgot what this is called.. let's just call it diabetes in a glass for now // Sian, Vanese, me and Juliet at the Collection event // Lianne La Havas and Lewis Watson - my faves // Me and Vanese's outfits in the college lift! // Some of the lovely girls at the Collection event // A Veggie Deli from McDonalds - featuring Vanese! // On the bus, I thought it looked kinda beautiful. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Style Crush - The Kardashians & Jenners

Whether you love them or not, you cannot deny that the Kardashians dress to perfection.

I've grouped them all and picked some of my favourite outfits of theirs.

Kendall and Kylie
Out of all of the girls, I like how Kylie and Kendall dress best because I think the others dress a bit more sophisticated, but because Kylie & Kendall are younger, they dress more to my liking. 
I'm absolutely in love with all of these outfits. The dress on the right is so beautiful. I think I'm in love.
I want her legs basically. I love the middle outfit. Dresses and boots are so trendy.

I seriously love everything Kim wears - specially her casual outfits. She is so curvy and flawless.

I didn't realise until today how much I love the way she dresses.
I love the first one, I love the kimono (is that what it is?) 

Have you noticed that they all really love wearing black & white outfits? Love it. 
Kourtney is always wearing skirts and I love it. I love her hair buns too, so beautiful.

Now, I couldn't leave Kris out. I literally love everything she wears. 
She also wears skirts alot, but I couldn't find any that would fit into this 3-piece picture. 
She is also very curvy and she dresses so classy, I love it.

Here's a mini "Get The Look" on one of the outfits I chose from Kourtney's 
Do you like the Kardashians?
What's your favourite outfit here?

*I've just read this back & laughed at the amount of times I've written "Love it" in this post. Sorry*

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Regal Rose - Darkly Decedent

A couple of weeks ago Regal Rose asked on Twitter if any bloggers wanted to preview their new collection for this season. Of course, I could not-not do it, it's Regal Rose!

The new collection is called "Darkly Decedent" and the collection definitely lives up to it's name. Regal Rose described it as "where gothic goes glamorous".

Darkly Decedent is divided into groups of rich opulence to silver tones of pagan grunge, the collection is influence from Baroque, Gothic, 90’s grunge and 80‘s rock, topped with an immortal Edward Scissorhands vulnerability. Regalrose’s new collection has the ability to be broken down into singular pieces catering to a customer that wants something extra special to pair with that LBD (Little Black Dress).

 Here are some of my favourites from the new collection

This is one of my favourites because the detail is so beautiful and well done.
 You can  also unscrew the top, space for a small love note. 

Such a lovely gift for someone you love! <3
(Or yourself, why not?!)

I love this because she put two in one ear and it doesn't even look strange!

This. Is. Just. So. Beautiful. I. Cannot. Even. Fathom.
The amount of things you could pair this with. It's a collar and it's studded..  can it actually get any better than that?
I'm not sure why, but I have a serious obsession with gold chain necklace.
This is beyond beautiful. The crosses give it that more "umf" such a nice statement piece.

I've seen a few Collar Chains before, this one is ohsobeautiful. 
Would go well with a white collared shirt!

On to the Lookbooks. 
Each shot is a dramatic, dark romance inspired. Lips are painted in oxblood - very popular this A/W. 

Darkly Decedent was released on the 18th so everything you see here, can be purchased!
The items I talked about don't make up the whole collection, there is more! 
So if you want, you can head over to Regal Rose's website to see more.

Overall, I love Darkly Decedent! All items are amazing and great for A/W.

REGAL ROSE † Fashion, Rock, Vintage, Love, Studs, Glamour




Friday, 19 October 2012

If Christmas Was Tomorrow Tag.

Vanese tagged everyone so I thought I'd give it a go.

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist by allyretro featuring tote handbags

This isn't my "official" Christmas wishlist, it's actually more of a "I wish I had these things" kind of wishlist - BUT if I got them for Christmas, I would not complain at all!

1 - Fuji Finepix S4500
As much as I'd love a Nikon or Canon camera, realistically, I would never get one. 
I think Bridge Camera's are pretty good too. I've done my research on this camera and I think it's absolutely amazing. The zoom is good & so is the quality. Only recently have I seen the popularity in bridge camera's around. I like them because they're not too big to carry around & well from what I've seen, they're worth the money.

2 - Black suede studded Creepers
I have to laugh at myself because from when I wanted these I had money to save for them and now I'm broke, dwelling on what could have been, but no! I don't regret not getting them, there's more important stuff I needed! Anyway, yes, I know that if I had they would be my "everyday" footwear. They seem to go with everything and the studs make everything better. 

3 - Dr Martens - 1461 Shoe Cherry Red
I've been seeing these around lately, I think they are wonderful. They seem 
like they could go with most outfits. 

4 -   MOTO Bleach Acid Leigh Jeans
Oh my goodness, I'm so in love with Acid wash jeans. Nearly everyone in my college owns a pair and I just sit and cry because they're so beautiful. I don't like ever wear jeans, but these are an exception.

5 - Studded Leather Pleated Skirt  
Also another thing that I could have purchased, but had more important things to buy.. *cries*
I do apologize for always going on about this skirt, but can you really blame me?
Yeah, didn't think so! It would go so with a t-shirt tucked inside it. Nom.

6 - Zara Bucket Bag
I'm so in love with this bag. It's just brilliant. I really want the dupe from Primark. I would put a scarf around it and make it look oh-so-sassy! It would be my "everyday" bag because it's spacious and beautiful!

7 - Acoustic Guitar 
I got an acoustic guitar about 3 years ago for Christmas, the reviews about the guitar weren't very good  but I was a beginner so I thought, whatever, and I got it and I was very happy with it, but I really want a new one to add to my collection! The acoustic guitar I have now is in the worst condition, I should've listened to the reviews because it's not even possible to tune or use the guitar anymore so a new one would really make me smile!

8 - Iphone 4s
This is also not going to happen, but it would be pretty awesome to have one. I have a blackberry and it was so great when everyone had them, but times have changed and the Iphone is the number 1 smartphone! I don't mind having a blackberry, but those apps.. they're so brilliant! I just wish Blackberry's had them too!

9 - Dr Martens 1460 W Boot
Like all the other footwear's in this post, I also think these go with .. basically, everything!
And definitely "everyday" type boots.

10 - Black PU 2 in 1 Skater Dress
I love this dress. 
I love the leather look and the skater style. 
I would wear this with a long cross necklace, yum.

I tag everyone :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Collection Bloggers Event

Hello there!

It's been a long time. I have a habit of stopping. I always just stop doing things. I'm so lazy.
There's so many posts I'm meant to do. Reviews people are waiting for and I'm just.. lazy. *Sigh* 

ANYHOO, on Tuesday I went to the Collection Bloggers Event with Juliet and Vanese. Now, I've never been to an event  like this before so it was quite an interesting  experience. 

I didn't know what to wear so settled for this outfit. 
White jumper with gold buttons, a blazer & leggings and just to be fancy, some red lippy!
(Not including my college I.D card, now that would have been something..)

The hotel was absolutely amazing. 
I had some pictures but my phone thought it would be funny to randomly delete them! So here's one from the W-hotel website..
This is the room we were in. It was really nicely decorated. Disco balls everywhere!
The tables had giants bowls filled with glitter and the new products inside! 
We had some cocktails and ate posh food. It was all very fancy!
Here are some fun pictures of me, Vanese and Juliet :)
There was a makeup artist who if you wanted her to make you over with the new products, would! 
I thought I'd give it a try ..
The lady was super lovely, proper nice!
(I cropped this photo because I pulled a really unattractive face, ok!)
She said when putting on your main colour, put a lighter colour in the corners to make your eyes look bigger. Then she said to apply lots of eyeliner and mascara. I don't think I would actually wear this because I'm rather scared to be creative with make-up but I can't deny it, I really do like what she did!

The staff were really nice. They came over and talked about the different products. It was really nice to talk normally with them too, about blogging and everything like that.

After an eventful evening of  getting rather tipsy, we left with goodie bags with all the new products in!

Collection - Bedazzled Glitter Eye Pallette - £4.49
Bedazzled Glitter Eye Palette delivers glitter, sparkle and party-perfect eyes, for a glitzed up disco diva feel that will glimmer on the dance-floor. I don't wear eyeshadow.. ever, but I think this is amazing for this season - everything has to be sparkly! I'm definitely going to turn over a leaf and start wearing eye shadow.

"Collection makeup artist Athena Skouvakis says: There is nothing subtle about eyes this autumn/winter. Blend dark shades into the eye socket and apply lighter, sparkly shades across the top of the brow bone and along the outer corner of the eye to give eye-popping definition and sassy sparkle"
Fast Stroke Eyeliner - I love this eyeliner. I find it really hard to find good eyeliners with good brushes (is that  what they are?) the recent ones I've had are just the worst and I decided to just wear pencil eyeliner instead, but there's only so much sharpening that I can take! So I was quite happy to get one of these. It's really decent. Great for winging and well.. applying eyeliner!

Collection - Big Fake Ultimate Mascara - £5.99

Collection have bought back their Big Fake Ultimate Mascara. They have improved it with a "bigger, better and bolder" formula. Athena Skouvakis said that she loves this false-lash look formula for achieving a sexy smolder and flirtier flutter" I really do love big brushes on mascaras. They get every eyelash, and I find that they don't make mess on your eyelashes!

Collection -  bedazzled Nail Effects (also available in Razzle Dazzle, 
Tea at the Glits, Love Jewel and Glittersweet) - £2.99 

(I think the price is amazing, most decent glittery nail polishes are £4 +.)
Collection introduces the range of illustrious Bedazzled Nails effects with four new powerful-punches of light reflecting lacquers. More sparkly things for autumn/winter. I love it. 

You can visit Collection's website here -
Follow them on Twitter -!/collectionlove

Thanks for reading, until next time!