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by - October 11, 2012

Hello there!

It's been a long time. I have a habit of stopping. I always just stop doing things. I'm so lazy.
There's so many posts I'm meant to do. Reviews people are waiting for and I'm just.. lazy. *Sigh* 

ANYHOO, on Tuesday I went to the Collection Bloggers Event with Juliet and Vanese. Now, I've never been to an event  like this before so it was quite an interesting  experience. 

I didn't know what to wear so settled for this outfit. 
White jumper with gold buttons, a blazer & leggings and just to be fancy, some red lippy!
(Not including my college I.D card, now that would have been something..)

The hotel was absolutely amazing. 
I had some pictures but my phone thought it would be funny to randomly delete them! So here's one from the W-hotel website..
This is the room we were in. It was really nicely decorated. Disco balls everywhere!
The tables had giants bowls filled with glitter and the new products inside! 
We had some cocktails and ate posh food. It was all very fancy!
Here are some fun pictures of me, Vanese and Juliet :)
There was a makeup artist who if you wanted her to make you over with the new products, would! 
I thought I'd give it a try ..
The lady was super lovely, proper nice!
(I cropped this photo because I pulled a really unattractive face, ok!)
She said when putting on your main colour, put a lighter colour in the corners to make your eyes look bigger. Then she said to apply lots of eyeliner and mascara. I don't think I would actually wear this because I'm rather scared to be creative with make-up but I can't deny it, I really do like what she did!

The staff were really nice. They came over and talked about the different products. It was really nice to talk normally with them too, about blogging and everything like that.

After an eventful evening of  getting rather tipsy, we left with goodie bags with all the new products in!

Collection - Bedazzled Glitter Eye Pallette - £4.49
Bedazzled Glitter Eye Palette delivers glitter, sparkle and party-perfect eyes, for a glitzed up disco diva feel that will glimmer on the dance-floor. I don't wear eyeshadow.. ever, but I think this is amazing for this season - everything has to be sparkly! I'm definitely going to turn over a leaf and start wearing eye shadow.

"Collection makeup artist Athena Skouvakis says: There is nothing subtle about eyes this autumn/winter. Blend dark shades into the eye socket and apply lighter, sparkly shades across the top of the brow bone and along the outer corner of the eye to give eye-popping definition and sassy sparkle"
Fast Stroke Eyeliner - I love this eyeliner. I find it really hard to find good eyeliners with good brushes (is that  what they are?) the recent ones I've had are just the worst and I decided to just wear pencil eyeliner instead, but there's only so much sharpening that I can take! So I was quite happy to get one of these. It's really decent. Great for winging and well.. applying eyeliner!

Collection - Big Fake Ultimate Mascara - £5.99

Collection have bought back their Big Fake Ultimate Mascara. They have improved it with a "bigger, better and bolder" formula. Athena Skouvakis said that she loves this false-lash look formula for achieving a sexy smolder and flirtier flutter" I really do love big brushes on mascaras. They get every eyelash, and I find that they don't make mess on your eyelashes!

Collection -  bedazzled Nail Effects (also available in Razzle Dazzle, 
Tea at the Glits, Love Jewel and Glittersweet) - £2.99 

(I think the price is amazing, most decent glittery nail polishes are £4 +.)
Collection introduces the range of illustrious Bedazzled Nails effects with four new powerful-punches of light reflecting lacquers. More sparkly things for autumn/winter. I love it. 

You can visit Collection's website here -
Follow them on Twitter -!/collectionlove

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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  1. You're so lucky to be invited to their event! Looks like you had a great time. Love your blog - I followed xx

    1. Thank you Lizzie!

      Your blog is amazing, I followed you back! x