My life in pictures & life update #8

by - October 25, 2012

I probably won't have a new post up before Halloween so I thought I would be smart 
and have a Halloween inspired title. [Listen to the song from the title here]

I've not done a "My Week In Pictures" in quite a while!
So this is one of those "My Last Few Months In Pictures" with the 
tag still being "My Week In Pictures" hahaha.
I took this picture a little while back, it's like my only picture with my nose ring.. which I miss dearly. // Breaking Dawn : Part 2 post - so excited! // Vanese, me, Juliet and Sian being crazy in London // Me and Vanese having fun with the fancy mirrors // I don't remember what drink I ordered, but it was yummy! // Phil and Dan on the news! // Me and Juliet // Nails from the Collection event // Scariest baby toy ever? // Being a bit more cray in London // Me, Vanese and Sian at the Teen Awards // Water, salad and fruit for lunch. Nom. // Me and Vanese being llamas // Dan is adorable // Confetti at the Teen Awards // Mary, Vanese, me and Juliet at the Collection event // Beautiful // Yellowy trees // This was so yummy, I forgot what this is called.. let's just call it diabetes in a glass for now // Sian, Vanese, me and Juliet at the Collection event // Lianne La Havas and Lewis Watson - my faves // Me and Vanese's outfits in the college lift! // Some of the lovely girls at the Collection event // A Veggie Deli from McDonalds - featuring Vanese! // On the bus, I thought it looked kinda beautiful. 

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