Friday, 19 October 2012

If Christmas Was Tomorrow Tag.

Vanese tagged everyone so I thought I'd give it a go.

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist by allyretro featuring tote handbags

This isn't my "official" Christmas wishlist, it's actually more of a "I wish I had these things" kind of wishlist - BUT if I got them for Christmas, I would not complain at all!

1 - Fuji Finepix S4500
As much as I'd love a Nikon or Canon camera, realistically, I would never get one. 
I think Bridge Camera's are pretty good too. I've done my research on this camera and I think it's absolutely amazing. The zoom is good & so is the quality. Only recently have I seen the popularity in bridge camera's around. I like them because they're not too big to carry around & well from what I've seen, they're worth the money.

2 - Black suede studded Creepers
I have to laugh at myself because from when I wanted these I had money to save for them and now I'm broke, dwelling on what could have been, but no! I don't regret not getting them, there's more important stuff I needed! Anyway, yes, I know that if I had they would be my "everyday" footwear. They seem to go with everything and the studs make everything better. 

3 - Dr Martens - 1461 Shoe Cherry Red
I've been seeing these around lately, I think they are wonderful. They seem 
like they could go with most outfits. 

4 -   MOTO Bleach Acid Leigh Jeans
Oh my goodness, I'm so in love with Acid wash jeans. Nearly everyone in my college owns a pair and I just sit and cry because they're so beautiful. I don't like ever wear jeans, but these are an exception.

5 - Studded Leather Pleated Skirt  
Also another thing that I could have purchased, but had more important things to buy.. *cries*
I do apologize for always going on about this skirt, but can you really blame me?
Yeah, didn't think so! It would go so with a t-shirt tucked inside it. Nom.

6 - Zara Bucket Bag
I'm so in love with this bag. It's just brilliant. I really want the dupe from Primark. I would put a scarf around it and make it look oh-so-sassy! It would be my "everyday" bag because it's spacious and beautiful!

7 - Acoustic Guitar 
I got an acoustic guitar about 3 years ago for Christmas, the reviews about the guitar weren't very good  but I was a beginner so I thought, whatever, and I got it and I was very happy with it, but I really want a new one to add to my collection! The acoustic guitar I have now is in the worst condition, I should've listened to the reviews because it's not even possible to tune or use the guitar anymore so a new one would really make me smile!

8 - Iphone 4s
This is also not going to happen, but it would be pretty awesome to have one. I have a blackberry and it was so great when everyone had them, but times have changed and the Iphone is the number 1 smartphone! I don't mind having a blackberry, but those apps.. they're so brilliant! I just wish Blackberry's had them too!

9 - Dr Martens 1460 W Boot
Like all the other footwear's in this post, I also think these go with .. basically, everything!
And definitely "everyday" type boots.

10 - Black PU 2 in 1 Skater Dress
I love this dress. 
I love the leather look and the skater style. 
I would wear this with a long cross necklace, yum.

I tag everyone :)


  1. Love this post! I want it all! The creepers are amazing.

    Emma x

    1. Thank you! I know right, they're so beautiful! x