Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pick Of The Week - Peter & Kerry #1

Have you ever come across something and ended up loving it? then wanted everyone to share that love with you because that thing that you love is super amazing and you just want to shout on rooftops about how you feel about that thing that you love so much?!
 Well, I'm here to introduce you to Peter & Kerry. 
Your new obsession.

I've raved on about these two subtly in a few previous posts, but now 
I feel that  it's time to dedicate a whole post to them! 

One day I was innocently browsing through Spotify and I came across Peter & Kerry. Now, I've come across a lot of amazing artists/bands on Spotify, but when I heard these two.. I couldn't even.
   Their music is so unique, beautiful and relate-able. The different instruments they use to make their songs are all so cool. They give off this retro theme. I like!

As I always say, lyrics is the most important thing in a song and I can openly admit that all their lyrics are well and truly amazing. 

I don't know much about these two because I feel that there's just not enough information on the internet - but that's fine because they have a little section on their website that I will now quote for you!

"Peter & Kerry began as an impulsive side-project. The two solo artists, who had become close friends following a years' worth of label-related activities, decided to make use of some spare time one weekend in the late-Summer. Having never fully-collaborated, the duo bravely embarked upon an uninterrupted writing and recording session which took place over several days at Peter's family home in Southampton. They returned to London with a finished record"

Both voices, by themselves are equally amazing.. but when they sing together .. I just.. no words

can explain the feelings I feel when I hear them singing together. 

Here is them performing their song "I Don't Know" listen to the amazing-ness!

They also covered Teardrops

And One Thing (click here to listen to that)

Their latest song is Split For The City, I love it!
I love their artwork, it just really goes with the song 
My favourite lyric from this song is
"This isn’t personal, yes I still love you, but I’m not in love with you"

I'm seriously obsessed with their music right now, I don't think will be changing any time soon!
I'd love to see them live one day because they're just fantastic. I seriously wish them all the best of luck in their career, they need to be noticed more, fo' sho!
You can listen to all of their songs on their Soundcloud (My fav is Cirque)

Their debut album "La Trimouille" can be downloaded here
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Before I go I would just like to quickly say that I've added a "Song Of The Week" gadget on my blog 
(top left, under my header!) I've added a song by Peter & Kerry on it this week, so go enjoy! 
I will be changing it every week! 

When I tweeted the link to this, I tagged Peter and Kerry and this happened..
Made my day! ♥

Thank you for reading 


  1. After reading this I do think they're a bit more awesome and Peter is a bit of hot one. ;) I'm glad you've started doing pick of the weeks and I can't wait to see what else you pick. Also, the blog is looking fresh my son, good job and thanks again for mine. ;)

    1. Hahahahaha, thank you. You are very welcome m'dear! x