Regal Rose - Darkly Decedent

by - October 20, 2012

A couple of weeks ago Regal Rose asked on Twitter if any bloggers wanted to preview their new collection for this season. Of course, I could not-not do it, it's Regal Rose!

The new collection is called "Darkly Decedent" and the collection definitely lives up to it's name. Regal Rose described it as "where gothic goes glamorous".

Darkly Decedent is divided into groups of rich opulence to silver tones of pagan grunge, the collection is influence from Baroque, Gothic, 90’s grunge and 80‘s rock, topped with an immortal Edward Scissorhands vulnerability. Regalrose’s new collection has the ability to be broken down into singular pieces catering to a customer that wants something extra special to pair with that LBD (Little Black Dress).

 Here are some of my favourites from the new collection

This is one of my favourites because the detail is so beautiful and well done.
 You can  also unscrew the top, space for a small love note. 

Such a lovely gift for someone you love! <3
(Or yourself, why not?!)

I love this because she put two in one ear and it doesn't even look strange!

This. Is. Just. So. Beautiful. I. Cannot. Even. Fathom.
The amount of things you could pair this with. It's a collar and it's studded..  can it actually get any better than that?
I'm not sure why, but I have a serious obsession with gold chain necklace.
This is beyond beautiful. The crosses give it that more "umf" such a nice statement piece.

I've seen a few Collar Chains before, this one is ohsobeautiful. 
Would go well with a white collared shirt!

On to the Lookbooks. 
Each shot is a dramatic, dark romance inspired. Lips are painted in oxblood - very popular this A/W. 

Darkly Decedent was released on the 18th so everything you see here, can be purchased!
The items I talked about don't make up the whole collection, there is more! 
So if you want, you can head over to Regal Rose's website to see more.

Overall, I love Darkly Decedent! All items are amazing and great for A/W.

REGAL ROSE † Fashion, Rock, Vintage, Love, Studs, Glamour




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  1. The first necklace. I really love it... :P

    Following you now on GFC, hope you follow back :)

    1. Me too, I think it's super cute!
      Thank you! x

  2. I love Regal Rose, such a lovely collection!

    Emma x

  3. It looks awesome,there is no piece that I woudn't want to wear,really nice:)The Boh.wish necklace is my favorite:)

    1. Agreed, this collection is amazing! x

  4. That first necklace is an absolute lust item. (Really love your blog layout and design btw, my friend actually told me to follow you just because she really loves your banner) xx

    1. I couldn't agree more, I'm so in love with it!

      Aww, thank you! That has really made my day :)
      Tell your friend I said thank you! X