Style Crush - The Kardashians & Jenners

by - October 22, 2012

Whether you love them or not, you cannot deny that the Kardashians dress to perfection.

I've grouped them all and picked some of my favourite outfits of theirs.

Kendall and Kylie
Out of all of the girls, I like how Kylie and Kendall dress best because I think the others dress a bit more sophisticated, but because Kylie & Kendall are younger, they dress more to my liking. 
I'm absolutely in love with all of these outfits. The dress on the right is so beautiful. I think I'm in love.
I want her legs basically. I love the middle outfit. Dresses and boots are so trendy.

I seriously love everything Kim wears - specially her casual outfits. She is so curvy and flawless.

I didn't realise until today how much I love the way she dresses.
I love the first one, I love the kimono (is that what it is?) 

Have you noticed that they all really love wearing black & white outfits? Love it. 
Kourtney is always wearing skirts and I love it. I love her hair buns too, so beautiful.

Now, I couldn't leave Kris out. I literally love everything she wears. 
She also wears skirts alot, but I couldn't find any that would fit into this 3-piece picture. 
She is also very curvy and she dresses so classy, I love it.

Here's a mini "Get The Look" on one of the outfits I chose from Kourtney's 
Do you like the Kardashians?
What's your favourite outfit here?

*I've just read this back & laughed at the amount of times I've written "Love it" in this post. Sorry*

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  1. I want Kylie & Kendall's figures and wardrobes! They always look amazing!

    1. Yes yes yes, I couldn't agree more!
      They're so skinny & tall and everything girls want! X

  2. They're literally one of the most stylish families. I think because I'm basically the same age as Kendall & Kylie, I love their outfits the best. :)


    1. Literally, they are my fashion icons x

  3. I love the way these ladies dress,I especialy love Kim and Kortney's style.The hair,the makeup,the shoes (OMG the shoes),bags,clothes...everything is so well put together.The only ting I have to say I am a fan of lately is Kanye's influence on Kim's style.I know style is changing as we grow and all that,just there are a lot of outfit that don«t do justice to her bodey lately.

    1. Hahaha, they all dress so amazingly, it's unreal!
      I agree with you so much! X