Pick Of The Week - Matte Nails #2

by - November 04, 2012

I've decided to do my Pick Of The Week's every Sunday!
This week is Matte Nails.

The other day I was on Tumblr and this came up on my dashboard
This may sound completely stupid, but I literally didn't think it was possible to have "matte" nails.
After seeing this picture I thought, wow, I better go check how much this Chanel matte
top coat is. I was quite shocked to see that they are like £80, which is just ridiculous.

After nearly getting over the shock of that, I did some research to find some decent-priced matte nail polish/top-coats!

*all pictures are from google images*

I've never heard of this Butter London before, but they seem to be quite popular.
I think this is a really nice topcoat and it's shine free!

I've never used a China Glaze nail polish before, but everyone loves them and this topcoat looks great.

This is probably the cheapest matte finisher you will find! It is £2.50 and the reviews are really good!

Everyone loves a bit of Essie.
O.P.I. I think this is the only one (of all the ones in this post) that you don't put 
a top coat on, the nail polish is matte when you use it. So awesome.

Those probably aren't even half of the matte nail polishes, but those are some good ones!
The thing I love most about these matte topcoats is the fact that they work on any brand of nail polish. 

I will definitely be purchasing a matte top coat to spice up my nails. 

What do you think of matte nails?
Would you try it?
Have you tried it?
Tell me what you think! 

My new "Song Of The Week" is up on the top left of my blog. 
This week is a song I heard for the first time yesterday while skipping through the music channels on the TV.
When I first heard it, I was hooked. I think it's new, lots of people have been saying they really like it and I do not blame them. I heard it being played on the radio today. I like the song because it's really slow and it has a good beat, it's just such a nice song to relax to. The vocals and lyrics are so great. The song is called Latch and it is by Disclosure.  Enjoy listening to it, you won't regret it! :)

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  1. i like it, a bit of gold would just finish it off :)