When your lips touch mine, it's the Kiss Of Life.
Rimmel London - Kate Moss Collection : Review.

by - November 26, 2012

Recently I purchased the "110" and "111 - Kiss Of Life" lipsticks
from the new Kate Moss Rimmel collection.

I really liked this one when I first got it, but it has its flaws..
It's a nice nude, coral-orange colour, but it's not pigmented enough. I find it to be very .. how I would
describe as "bitty" and it's not a good look, but it's still bearable. Sometimes it can make my lips look over the top so I would wear it for a special occasion because I'm not sure how to "dress down" a lipstick!
But it's such a lovely colour and I'm glad I purchased it, I guess I need to experiment with it.
See what I did in the title, eh? ;)
I remember thinking "I don't need a new red lipstick, I already have a red lipstick" 
Before I had a red lipstick from Collection in Ruby Red and it was the only lipstick I would wear.
The other week was my Uncle's wedding and I wore my red lipstick. Nearly everyone wanted to use it.
 I was fine with it, but then my mum used it and kept it.. and kept it for longer than she should have. I didn't see that lipstick for like a week and by the time she offered it back to me, I didn't want it because it wasn't in the condition as it was when it was only me that had used it! 
So I decided that buying a new red lipstick was alright. (Any excuse to spend money!)

(I'm sorry the lighting doesn't really capture the redness)
I didn't realise that there was a whole different world out there. No two red lipsticks are the same.
I'm so in love with this lipstick. With my Ruby Red lipstick I found that the lipstick was very messy.
Going over my lip line and always going on my teeth (I know most lipsticks do, but this was on a whole different level!) but "Kiss Of Life" is so amazing. It doesn't go on my teeth, it doesn't create mess.
 It's just great. It's a really nice red, it never looks too much. It's everything I want in a lipstick.

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