100 followers & 5 Resolutions

by - December 12, 2012

Hello there..
First off, I would just like to say THANK YOU.
I hit 100 followers today, yay! Blogging isn't about how much comments or followers you get, but it really does help and make me happy to know that people enjoy the things I post, so thank you very much! :) I was going to do a giveaway but it's Christmas time and I don't want to spend money when I have to buy Christmas presents with all the money that I don't have! And also, I don't trust post because I imagine it to be very busy around this time of year and I expect there to be a large amount of things getting lost and things like that!
But anyway, yes, thank you so much! ♥

I know it's a bit early to be doing a New Years resolution post seeing as we still have a few weeks
 left of 2012, but I'm quite happy with these resolutions and I'm planning on doing another resolutions post :)

No doubt that I made this resolution last year, but who knows, maybe I'll actually stick it out next year!
I've been watching so many Vlogmas videos and I've been seeing the different meals everyone makes and they've made me want to start cooking. I want to buy lots of tea's too! As a veggie, I can't eat some meals and have to alter for an alternative, I hate not being able to have a decently great meal as everyone else! But even though it's been 2 years since I've stopped eating meat, I never make nice meals for myself. I'm going to order some recipe books to help me. I found this website and I've found this very amazing blog with some great recipes!

I want to start getting my favourite magazines monthly, buying new books monthly, going to new places and going to new restaurants monthly. There's so many magazines & books to read, places and restaurants to visit. I think doing them all once a month would be fun & great for my "Pick Of The Week" posts!

Me and Vanese have planned to get small tattoo's when we turn 18, not just for the fact that we'll be able to actually go to a tattoo shop without parental guidance but tattoo's are nice and there's so many I want. I know what I want as well so it would be really nice to get it.

 I want to change my name and tweak up my blog abit. I'm going to start doing better posts, I feel like my posts can get a bit boring and predictable sometimes, I want to spice them up!

Easier said than done, I know, but I have so much to be grateful for and it would be really nice to have a really lovely year with mainly good times. There's lots of things I can do to be happy and I shall do them :)

What are your new years resolutions? :)

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  1. Congrats on the 100 followers! And I want to get a small tattoo also! I want a little honey bee on my wrist. What do you want?

    Join My Fashion Giveaway!

    1. Thank you! Ooh, that sounds very cute!
      I want a little heart somewhere on my hand :) X

  2. Congratulations on reaching 100 <3 I love the changes you've made to your layout :) Your resolutions are really good, I really need to start thinking of mine! I didn't know you were a veggie, I am too!! I hate eating out, I can never find anything I like :(
    Love Holly x

    1. AWWW, thank you! Yes, my mum has a new camera, I've been taking advantage ;) Oh really? I didn't know you were one either hahaha! Ah same and when I do it's always just a veggie burger, it gets boring! Thank you for the lovely comment Holly :) xx

  3. Really great resolutions especially the last one, being happy, it can be in general but it can have a very deep meaning to it! Congrats on having 100 followers! (im one of them ehehe) I haven't had any resolution yet as i always don't stick to them! x


    1. Thank you! I agree :) Hahahaha, thank you so much :D
      Aaah, I do that every year, I'll be shocked if I even do one of these! X

  4. Great post! Congrats on the followers!



  5. congrats hun! I just reached 100 too and i'm doing a giveaway, you should totes enter!

    1. Thank you, aww congrats to you too! :)
      Oooh I will do!! x