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by - December 28, 2012

Hi there :)
Me and Vanese thought it would be cool to make up a tag to talk about blogging this year.
It is called the "My Year Blogging" tag (as if it wasn't obvious by the title!)

1.) How many posts did you write in 2012? 
Right now I've published 89 posts and have13 in my drafts. I really wanted to get to 100 posts before the years ends but we have 4 days until 2013 - I don't think that's going to happen!

2.) What post are you most proud of?
My Pick Of The Week featuring Peter & Kerry is the one of the post I'm most proud of!
I'm proud of it because it was completely honest and I enjoyed writing it.
 I love writing about music and artists I like.

This post also got me a tweet from Peter & Kerry and Tape Club Records so that was a bonus :)

3.) Has blogging changed you this year? 
So much! I sometimes wonder to myself what I used to do before blogging!
It's so nice to just to read about other people's lives and see what they've worn and things like that. Blogging has definitely helped me with what I wear. I used to wear the most horrendous outfits.. I was going to insert a picture but I'm too ashamed! I'm definitely more aware of what is good to wear and what's not. Blogging's also helped with my confidence, going to events and meeting new people is really nice. I don't feel as shy when meeting new people now so it's really nice :)

4.) What do you hope your blog is like in 2013?
I hope my blog has more outfit posts and more posts on my outings and nice things like that.
 I also want to do cooking posts and have more posts based on my life rather than lots of wishlists and things like that. I find it very boring when I do like 3 in a row. I just want my posts to be more spontaneous! 

It's not the longest tag ever, but if had any more questions this post would be too long!
I tag everyone reading this.

If I don't post again after Tuesday then I just want to say thank you for all the nice comments 
and the follows. And Happy New Year to you all :) 

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