Monday, 3 December 2012

Can I win the lottery please?

No time to waste
No time to waste  featuring high waisted jeans

1 - Kindle Fire HD : I'm not sure where my obsession with Kindle's came from, but all I want
to do is have a nice cup of coffee while reading a romantic novel on my non-existent Kindle.
There are a lot of e-book readers now, I really want to invest in one.

2 - High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans : I'm not a jeans kind of person but I would definitely

make an exception for these bad boys. I've been loving the 90's boyfriend jeans trend that's slowly
but surely coming back. [I think I will do a future post on them] I'm a big fan of high-waisted things, 
I'd love a pair of High Waisted Boyf Jeans.

3 - The Fault In Our Stars by John Green : I read this book online last week. I was in tears. The first
 thing I wanted to do when I read it was purchase a hardback copy! It's one of those books people 
always talk about and you always see quotes from on Tumblr. It's really worth a read. 

4 - Now probably isn't the time to be obsessing over dresses, but I can't help myself with Moddolly.

They have such cute vintage dresses that I can't peel my eyes from. I saw this dress and fell in love. 

5 - Denim Jacket : I need to hop on the Denim Jacket boat. I'm seriously missing out!
They're just useful and nice aren't they? I like the oversized ones.

6, 7 - Skater Skirts : Urban Outfitters have a lovely selection of skirts, I was going to choose 

more but that would be a whole other post! I like these skirt, they're cute to tuck jumpers into.
They're very versatile too, you can wear them in summer bare legged or you could wear them in winter 
with tights.

8 - Skater Dress : Again, not the time to be obsessing over dresses, but this is so cute, how could

you not obsess over it? It's not showing too much flesh and it's oxblood - totally in right now!

9 - Dr Martens Aggy Boots : I love Vanese's post on these and completely fell in love.

Dr Martens are on top right now. I really dislike footwear that has straps over the zip or laces
but I really wouldn't care with these.


  1. I nominated you for a Leibster Award :)

    Roxii x

  2. i love love love john green books, he's definitely my favourite author! and i heard so many good things about the fault in our stars (you say that too!!!) so that's definitely on my wishlist for christmas.. fingers crossed :-)

    1. I'm desperate to read his other books!
      I've got my fingers crossed for you, its a really good read! xx

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