Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Favourite purchases of 2012

I've been meaning to do posts on some of these items 
but I never did get round to doing them!
I've not stopped wearing the black jersey skirt since I purchased it. Obsessed.
I remember wanting this nail polish last year summer, but I forgot to buy it so 
a couple of weeks ago I decided I'd get it. I'm going to save it for this summer!
I always wear this beanie when I can't be bothered to do anything with my hair. 
I always wear my hair up so it's nice to have it down sometimes too. I've been wearing 
my hair donut so much. It looks a tad worn out so I must purchase another one!
An Offer You Can't Refuse - this was my summer book. I couldn't stop laughing when 
reading it, it's so funny and cute. I'd recommend it!
I love these teal heels. I bought them for my uncle's wedding and because of my unsociable
 life, I've not been able to wear them anywhere else! But I'm turning 18 this year, so hopefully I'll 
have an excuse to wear them ;) I wear creepers all day, everyday. I don't have many shoes so these
 are worn all the time. Me and Vanese have both tripped on flat surfaces numerous times because 
of the platforms! I think (I hope) I've got used to them now so I won't be falling all over the place.

My "It's Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW" EP by Lewis Watson is probably my 
#1 in my favourites. He signed them all and you got to tell him what to write and mine said
 "Ally, I love you" (and I told him to put a love heart!) this is so special to me. OH and the
EP is literally amazing. His song writing skills are out of this world. 
My favourite lyric is from his song Bones 
 "I'll spend the night looking into your eyes because
 I want to remember them, if I ever fall blind" 
[Please check Lewis Watson out,  he is one of a kind]
My bowler hat, I find it so hard to wear this because I don't know how to style it. But I 
have worn it before and I abso love it. I felt like the only one without one and I was so happy 
to find this on Amazon! I thought the top was a bit massive and would look like a top hat, but
 thankfully it doesn't actually  look that bit at all! I'll probably have more on this in a future post :)
And finally, my bag. I could have taken a better picture, my bad! This is the bag I have 
everywhere with me. It fits everything I need in  and it never weighs down my shoulder so 
I love it!

I said to myself that I'm not allowed to do any more posts based on 2012 since it's 2013, but 
I've completely ignored myself and done exactly that! I hope you like this post, I'm sorry
the pictures are crappy, but yeah. 

Happy New Year :)


  1. Just checked out Lewis watson and Im in loove! Haha he really is amazing though and love the bowler I just got one for christmas and was so over the moon cus ive wanted one for foreverr but mines in black if your looking for ways to style yours maybe try youtube style vids im sure there a loads on how to style bowler hats! Happy New Years hun xox


    1. Hahahah yeeees, that's what I'm talking about! He is, so much talent :)
      Oooh, I actually never even thought of doing that! Thank you! I'm def going to do that. I can't wait to wear it! I hope to see some in future posts of yours? ;) I love your blog!
      Happy new year to you too lovely X

  2. I love the items you picked,really cool :)

  3. Love the skirts and the hat is gorgeous xx

  4. Hey Ally, I love a bit of chick-lit too, great for relaxing :) Gorgeous baby blue nail varnish...as you say, perfect for summer!

    1. Hey! Hahaha, it is. They're the best kind of books!
      I want summer to come now!! X

  5. I love your bag I can see why it's a favourite x

  6. Love the hat and shoes, reeally nice :) ha, and that card was so so cute, lol :) xoxo