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by - January 26, 2013

The lovely people at Alex Silver Pr sent me these nail wraps in "Camisole" I've attempted nail wraps before and completely failed - mainly due to the fact that there were never good instructions, so I was very enlightened to see visual instructions on these ones. 
Now for a person who has never put on nails wraps before (with proper instructions!) I would say I did a pretty fantastic job, wouldn't you?! I thought they would be somewhat irritating on the nails, but they don't annoy you in anyway. They stick well and last for up to 10 days. Also inside they show you all the creative things you can do with fake nails and  nail wraps. I'm really digging them! I'm definitely going to start buying nails wraps for the times that I can't be bothered to paint my nails.!

Are you a fan of nail wraps?  

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  1. I love your nails and i couldn't agree more, you did a fantastic job!!

  2. Those are adorable! I have always ignored nail strips when I go to the shops, but I'm tempted to try them now.

    Following you!

    1. I hear ya, I wouldn't have looked at them twice, but I really love them! Oooh, thank you! X

  3. these are lovely!

    great blog, following you :)

    would love it if you could check mine out sometime and follow back if you enjoy,