Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happy Birthday PerksOfBeingAlly

Today my blog is 1 :)
I can't believe it's been one year & that I've actually stuck to it. I've made many blogs before but none with any kind of purpose. I've also gone through many names for this blog, but PerksOfBeingAlly is here to stay!

It's strange how something so little can change your life, isn't it?
Blogging has been so fun. I've met lots of people, learnt new things, done some really
 cool things and gained some 183 followers along the way :)

I hope when I get to my 2nd year of blogging I can say I had an even better year!
Thanks for the comments and follows, I really appreciate it :D

Thursday, 21 February 2013

I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

You know when you want something so bad and you look everywhere for it, but you just can't find it? And then when you're not looking for it, YOU FIND IT?! I experienced that! I'd been searching for some brown boots since the end of summer last year, but I had no luck. I then came across these on FashionWorld for £26. They look exactly like a pair of boots in Primark. I think brown is like black it goes with everything (footwear anyway!). I love the detailing and I think these will go well with black skinny jeans and very nice with dresses on those sunny days :)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lush T-Shirts

On Twitter Lush T-Shirts were looking for bloggers to collaborate with. 
I looked at their website and of course, said that I'd be interested.. and here we are today!

Lush have T-Shirts for every occasion - from Hen nights to Mothers Day!
The majority of their shirts have text on them, my favourite is probably "Drop Me Out" because I love Rylan hahaha. When I was looking through their website I came across this Moustache shirt that was a special edition for Movember and I completely fell in love! The shirt came the day after I was told it got sent off, I was amazed. They are currently in the making of designing more shirts for the ladies as there is more men shirts than women's. I'm very excited.

I dislike those shirts with prints on & you can see the outline, but not this one.. this one is perfect. You can't see the outline & it just feels super soft. I ordered it in a "standard unisex" but I did find that it's way too big. I tucked it in to my jersey skater skirt & wore it with a gold chain & brown boots. I also rolled up the sleeves & wore Vanese's Rimmel London - 107 lipstick.

I completely love the way the shirt looks with the lipstick and the gold chain. I like men's shirts way better than women's because men's shirts always lay just above the collar bone and I love that!
This outfit is definitely another one to add to my "summer outfits"

Follow Lush's - Website, Twitter, Facebook.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pick Of The Week #6 - River Island dresses

River Island
When in River Island with Shekinah and Vanese, we spotted these lovely dresses. We basically ran over to them when we saw them. There are other ones too, but these were my favourite. They are all structured, so they remain the same shape on and off. These are quite the statement pieces, so you wouldn't need to wear anything major with them as they really speak for themselves! I do not like showing my shoulders so these dresses are kind of perfect. Me and Vanese are celebrating our 18th next month so I think we should these dresses in different designs. For only £40 I'd say these are a bargain!

Do you like these dresses?
How would you style them?

Monday, 11 February 2013

I've got that summertime, summertime sadness

Polo crop top - Popcouture // Shirt, Skirt - Primark // Flatforms - Office

If it's not obvious enough.. I really love doing outfit posts. I'd love to just posts outfits on my blog, but my bank account doesn't agree *le sigh* 

I've been posting so much "summer" outfits recently, I don't think I'll have any to post in summer!
I can't believe I'm showing actual flesh that isn't from my arms or legs. It's not anything major, but this is a woah for me. I was going for a Motel styled look - their dresses are the best. I love cut out dresses, but I'm not brave enough to wear one, nor would I have anywhere to wear them to! 

I'm wearing a polo neck with a bodycon skirt. I wore my checked shirt over it to give it a pop of colour and to keep it casual! 
Last week me and Vanese popped into Topshop and I bought a set of ear cuffs - including this silver one you can see above and this adorable little heart ring which says "Keep The Faith" at the back. Cute.

I'm so excited for this week to finish. I can't wait to relax and not have to do anything for a whole week. 
I'm going to catch up on so much sleep! 

Friday, 8 February 2013

It is the beauty of our flaws that will define us

I've been going Ebay crazy the past few weeks so it's really nice to do outfit posts!
If it's not obvious, I'm really excited for summer. I've been planning all my outfits hahaha, I just hope that the sun actually makes an appearance this summer.. I will be gutted if it doesn't. 

I've only worn this beanie once or twice,my hair always messes around and never goes the way I want with hats!
 I got this beanie from Amazon, bralet from Ebay and denim jacket from Ebay too (originally from Primark).

 I've had a good day with Vanese today. We went shopping & got a few bits! I also went to Starbucks & the lady got me the wrong drink, she was very rude to me, but she ended up giving me a large drink when I actually paid for the small one - what goes around comes back around, kids! Here are some funny photos from today ♥

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Case Of You

Around two weeks ago I purchased this lovely dress from Ebay. It's originally from Topshop and I grabbed it for £2.40! I was so happy when it came but I do not like how long it is. I think if I were taller it would look better but, I'm not, so it doesn't do my height any justice. I love the dress so I thought I could see what I could do to make it look better.

I matched up the dress with this neon jumper that I borrowed from my sister
(I think she forgot that she let me borrow it, but ssh!) It's one of those dresses you can tuck under, so I tucked it in with the jumper and made it look more like a skater skirt. I've been buying so many summer clothes recently and I have no regrets!

How amazing is this song? James Blake has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.