Thursday, 21 February 2013

I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

You know when you want something so bad and you look everywhere for it, but you just can't find it? And then when you're not looking for it, YOU FIND IT?! I experienced that! I'd been searching for some brown boots since the end of summer last year, but I had no luck. I then came across these on FashionWorld for £26. They look exactly like a pair of boots in Primark. I think brown is like black it goes with everything (footwear anyway!). I love the detailing and I think these will go well with black skinny jeans and very nice with dresses on those sunny days :)


  1. I love these and I so want my own pair next! :)


    1. Thanks.. please don't copy me Vanese, we are meant to be growing away from that

  2. Those shoes are super cute! I need to find a place in NYC that sells some similar!

  3. Gorgeous, great blog.
    I've just followed you :)
    Samantha x