Birthday Haul

by - March 23, 2013

On Tuesday me and Vanese turned 18! (Which isn't any fun if you don't have I.D!) To celebrate we went to Wagamama with some of our buddies. I had a Yasai Katsu Curry, it was so yummy! I've never seen such an amazing bunch of cards before. Cats and cupcakes, so awesome! I love this card from my lovely friends Katia and Dominic, we've had some great times! The gifts I got were too much for me to handle. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but.. I actually own the teal Topshop Pinafore dkjfndj. Thank you so much Shekinah! And she got me Topshop's "All About Me" lipstick, which was also in my Birthday Wishlist. I'm so happy! I also got a lovely tapesty purse, a moustace crop top and socks aswell from the lovely Shekinah. She really knows how to spoil a girl! I also got Apocalips, MUA Mega Mascara, nail striping tape, a moustache keyring, MUA liptick and purple nail varnish (expect a post on everything!!) And my lovely friend Sian made this collage of us over the last couple of years, which makes me so happy! This is going to look lovely on my wall, it will brighten up my days! I'm still yet to enjoy the partying side of being 18, but I've enjoyed it so far. :) 

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  1. Ugh, that pinafore dress. I'm like radiating with jealousy right now lol. I hope you had an amazing birthday and happy belated!

    -Erica xx

  2. Happy Belated Birthdays!
    Looks like you had a good'un,

    Rosie x

  3. glad you had a good day. very jealous of your wags!
    The pinafore looks amazing!

  4. Aww happy belated birthday! Very jel of your dungaree dress xx