200 followers + Motel Press Day

by - April 14, 2013

On Wednesday I reached 200 followers, thanks so much to anyone who's followed, commented or just looked at my blog! I've been blogging for just over a year and it's been so fun and eventful. I've met lots of lovely people and had some really good fun! :)

Also on Wednesday I attended the Motel Press Day for their 90's A/W collection.
Here are more than a few snaps..!

I've never purchased anything from Motel before but I'm 100% sure when these come out I will be buying everything! My two favourite items are the denim dress and the cropped polka dot collared shirt. I also love the white lace dress, the lace is actually covered in skulls which amazes me! I really love that it has a little vest underneath too; sometimes it's a pain to have to put a vest top under!

Motel also set up a little 90's pad. It looked so great. Posters on the wall, 90's games, The Spice Girls movie playing on TV. But the fun didn't stop there, no! We also got to have henna - which I wish I could have every week, I love henna. Temp tattoo's by Skin Art, I got "Sssh" on my finger just like Rihanna's. I also got Colour Xtreme's blue hair art spray on the top of my bun and my gosh do I love the way it looks.
 I think I might colour my topknot more often now!

It was a lot of fun, saw some lovely bloggers!

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  1. Congratulations! Fellow FBL'r! I was convinced I was following you already but I signed up as I'm all about the love. Great achievement and as usual fab post!


    1. Hahahaha aww, this made me smile. Thank you! XX

  2. Ohhh some really gorgeous clothes! Well done on your blogging milestone x

    1. Aaah yeah, they're beauts! Thank you lots :) x

  3. i love this striped monochrome crop top! just beautiful impressions of the motel press day! love it! i am your latest follower now! =)

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)

    1. Yeah, it's so nice! Aww, thank you lovely!! :) x


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