30 Ways To Save £1

by - April 24, 2013

MoneySupermarket are running a competition for UK Bloggers. You have to come up with 30 different ways to save £1 (or just any money saving tip) By entering one blogger will get the chance of winning £1000 but if they get 1000 tips then they will higher the price to £2000! 

Here are my money tips!
  1. Get an empty jar and put your coopers/pennies 
  2. Go on Ebay and buy things cheaper than the usual price
  3. Shop in Charity Shops and find expensive brands for cheaper
  4. Walk or ride a bike instead of getting the bus or other forms of transport that you have to pay for.
  5. Don't go food shopping everyday, do a big shop once a week or every other week.
  6. Sell your unwanted things by doing Blog Sales and selling on Ebay.
  7. Create things and sell them (bracelets, t-shirt etc)
  8. Go for the cheaper alternatives because sometimes the more expensive things aren't as good as they're made out to be
  9. Don't throw away empty bottles, fill them back up and reuse them again and again.
  10. Save your money
  11. With CD's and DVD's wait a couple of months after they come out, the prices will go down
  12. Customise your old clothes instead of buying new clothes
  13. Shop in pound shops to get things for cheaper
  14. Cut your jeans into shorts instead of buying a new pair
  15. Instead of buying storage at Ikea or a supermarket, buy cheaper in Charity Shops
  16. Borrow clothes from family and friends
  17. Make your own printed t-shirts
  18. Cut down on the amount of lipsticks and nail polishes you buy in one month
  19. Bring your own bag (some shops make you pay to use their bags)
  20. If you want to take out money in a bank, use the ones that don't charge you
  21. Use the same bag instead of buying new ones
  22. Use discount codes
  23. Look around house for spare change
  24. Like in New Girl they have a "douche jar" you put money in the jar everytime you say something "douche-y" 
  25. Buy 2 Jackets a year - one for winter and one for summer instead of spending money on different jackets.
  26. Live with others instead of living by yourself
  27. Listen to music LEGALLY and for free on Spotify 
  28. Use your own printer instead of printing from the library of school/college so you don't have to pay
  29. Go to reduced section in supermarkets 
  30. Turn off water when brushing your teeth

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  1. £1,000 is a lot!! How have I only just heard about this haha! Well done for coming up with 30, I think I'd find that very hard to do. Pound shops are definitely a good option. :)

    1. I know right! Hahaha yeah I struggled so bad! Yes, love them :) x