Thursday, 30 May 2013

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve
and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground

Hello there lovely people, I wore this outfit to my mum's little house party shindig last weekend. 
(Check out Vanese's adorable outfit here) The lovely people at Bliss Clothing were looking for bloggers to review some items and they kindly let me choose 3 items - this beautiful dress being one of them! I got it in this beautiful beige colour. I'm so freaking glad I got this colour, I always just go for the dark colours and never adventure out. I thought this wouldn't suit me, but when I tried it on, I well and truly fell in love. I love the gold plate, it makes the dress - I love that the plate feels like metal and not plastic. If this dress were sold in Topshop it would be about £30, so it shocked me to see that this dress is only £10 ... 10 FREAKING POUNDS! That is what you call a bargain, my friends. I paired this dress with my £5 shoes from Treds (Only size 8 is in stock) and with Vanese's Mac - Russian Red lipstick.  I still haven't made my mind up if the shoes and lipstick actually go with the dress! 

Before I go I'd just like to say this.. I was quite scared to wear this dress (let alone putting up an outfit post on it!) I have dark underarms, stretch marks on my shoulders and (I think) big arms. I wasn't going to wear this dress because of these reasons, but I decided I'd "YOLO" it and wear it anyway. I feel like the biggest fool ever, even though the party was full of family and friends, I didn't feel so insecure. I walked around with my arms out and not one person cared. Of course things are different when you're around people you know and strangers, but even so - it gave the biggest confidence boost ever. If you know me then you've probably never seen my upper arms. I'm not exactly going to start running around with my arms out now, but I'm definitely going to stop shying around and wearing silly things when it's hot outside. In time hopefully I will have the confidence to. I don't know why I'm writing any of this but I thought it would be nice to share with you all my happiness that I've gained. 

If you feel insecure about something and it's stopping you from doing things, don't be scared! Try it out because most of the time no one actually cares :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

My life in pictures & life update #12

Me & Vanese's "OMG IT'S FRIDAY" faces! // Reading Look & snacking // Editing // Playing with a fisheye app // New brushes // Jammin' to Peter & Kerry // Lovely Mocha // New shoes // Fun times with the fam

Filmception! // Grabbed the new Company Magazine // Lunch with Vanese and Dominic // Funny faces on the way too college // Drying our nails // Done! // Fairy Lights // Bit of face scrub action // New shoes & jeans!

The last two weeks have been quite cray cray. It's getting to the point where final pieces of coursework are being handed in, can't believe how quick the college year has gone, seems like September was only a few weeks ago! I'm pretty sure that I don't want to go to college next year and I'm definitely sure that I don't want to go to University either. I feel that there's too much pressure to go to uni. It's stupid to go to if I don't even know what it is that i'd want to study, then to waste all that money on something that's not making me happy? silly. I want to get some more experience in life and explore things, see what it is I'd actually want to take up as a career. I think right now getting a little job would be good for me. Easier said than done, but hey ho!

Goals for this week
1 - Get some work handed in - I keep forgetting that I could be out of college by the end of May
if I just hand in all my work. What is wrong with me?

 2- Smaller portions & healthier snacks! - Pretty self-explanatory.

3 - Relax, go for a jog - I've been getting really annoyed at the world recently and I need
to find my "escape" - if you get what I mean?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

We’ve come too far to be turning back

I am so sorry for the depressing facial expression!
Jacket, Shirt - Charity Shop // Jeans - New Look via Ebay 

Hi there, long time no post! I've had a week break from blogging because I was starting to get that "this is feeling more like a chore than a hobby" kinda feeling, so I thought having a mini break would do me some good. And boy did it, I've started watching Revenge, season 2. I am so hooked. I'm not even nearly finished but oh-my-goodness it's taking up all my time. 

I bought these Acid Wash Jeans last year for £22 from New Look and returned them (I later regretted that!) and magically last week I found them and won them on  Ebay bid and only got them for £10. Horray for Ebay! I found it really difficult to pair anything with these jeans, but I came across this shirt.. and here we are today! I found this coat from a charity shop, it's a size bigger, but it looks really nice oversized! It's so comfy and I think it goes well with most outfits! BYE :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My life in pictures & life update #11

I've been so excited to do these My Week In Pictures again :)
My outfit was put on Editors Choice  *WIWT /*/ My first picture with my new phone // Elle Magazine 
Snacking on Alpro Milk and a banana // Trying on this beaut crop top in Primark // Mirror pics with Vanese
Trying Supermalt for the first time. Hate it! // Outfit of the day // Bought these lovely shoes for £5!
Cheese & Tomato toastie in Wetherspoon // Bought some heeled loafers from a charity shop // Love Siri ♥

This/last week has been nice. The sun has been out every single day and it's puts everyone in a good mood. This week I have tried to be healthy and it's been shockingly easy. It's much easier when you don't think so much about being healthy.. if that makes any sense! I've been cooking my own meals, eating fruit 99% of the time and snacking on Ryvitas! Although when the weekend came it kind of got ruined by a takeaway! But all is good, it's a new week. I've been spending way too much money on magazines and charity shops this week too. I've not even read any of the magazines because I can't be bothered. I need help.

My goal for this week 
1 - Continue to be healthy and add a bit of exercise on top.
2 - Do some actual work so I can have a long summer!
3 - Stop spending money. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

New In : Iphone 4s

After months of lusting for an Iphone, I finally have one! I'm so happy with it, it really does beat blackberry's; mine died so I was phone-less for a couple of months. I have an andorid tablet so I kind of knew what to expect, but my expectations were very low. I love this phone so much! The apps are really great. I've got lots of health & fitness apps so I can see how many calories I'm burning just by walking and there are some that have daily workouts. Not just that, but having this phone will help do much better posts! As I've said (way too many times) before I can start doing My Week In Pictures, my Blackberry really wasn't doing it for me. The picture quality wasn't good. I also (ok Vanese bought it for me) got this case for 99p with free p+p from the UK, came in 2 days!!!! I know I'm going to spend way too much money on phone cases, but it's a necessity to have lots (right..?) ;)
 Be on the lookout for my Week In Pictures and my Whats On My Iphone posts.
Bye for now, have a good 3 day weekend!!

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