New In : Iphone 4s

by - May 03, 2013

After months of lusting for an Iphone, I finally have one! I'm so happy with it, it really does beat blackberry's; mine died so I was phone-less for a couple of months. I have an andorid tablet so I kind of knew what to expect, but my expectations were very low. I love this phone so much! The apps are really great. I've got lots of health & fitness apps so I can see how many calories I'm burning just by walking and there are some that have daily workouts. Not just that, but having this phone will help do much better posts! As I've said (way too many times) before I can start doing My Week In Pictures, my Blackberry really wasn't doing it for me. The picture quality wasn't good. I also (ok Vanese bought it for me) got this case for 99p with free p+p from the UK, came in 2 days!!!! I know I'm going to spend way too much money on phone cases, but it's a necessity to have lots (right..?) ;)
 Be on the lookout for my Week In Pictures and my Whats On My Iphone posts.
Bye for now, have a good 3 day weekend!!

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  1. Your case is so pretty. Good choice. ;) I can most definitely tell we're going to spend a fortune on phone cases! whoop, also can't wait to see your week in pictures.


    1. LOL thanks! ;) Aaah we're gonna be craycray for them. Woop woop!

  2. Yea, this iPhone is so nice.. But I prefer Lumia 610 : )
    Greetings! : )

  3. Getting an iphone was the best thing I ever did! It never leaves my hand ahah

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

    Katie xx

  4. Hahahaha, I think I may just be like you from now on ;)

    Aaah, thank you so much Katie! X

  5. I need to get an iPhone, my phone is pissing me off all the time x

    1. I'd deffo recommend them! They're so worth it :) x