Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My life in pictures & life update #13

Best invention ever? I think yes! // London // Beautiful flowers // Starbucks with Sian & Vanese // Vanese is just so cute // Goodie Goodies // Being weird with my cousin (It's in the genes) // Fruit Salad // Company Magazine
Being happy with Vanese // Some awesome art in London // Bella likes touching my face apparently // My company collection is growing // Lunch date with Vanese and Zara // Beautiful sunset // Playing with nude & florals // Friends and a dog // Having a stare off with Bella (You can see the determination in her face) 

Life has been very complicated lately and I'm not sure how I feel about this. In my last life update I said that I want a job and since then I'm still jobless, but I've applied for so many jobs and even though I've had many "unfortunately's"  I guess I'm closer to getting a job than I was yesterday. Also in my last update I said I'd go for jogs but it's always too hot or too cold to do so, but I guess that's still no excuse, I'll start soon. Promise! 

Song of the month 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

OOTD | The way you look should be a sin, you're my sensation

Blouse and Boots - c/o : Simply Be
I am in LOVE with this tweed blouse. Even though it is a blouse, (I think) I can get away with wearing it as a dress.. although, I would probably wear tights with it. I love the structure of it, very boxy and shift dress-esque. I love that this blouse is tweed, it makes it a bit more unique, but what I love most and really just makes everything so perfect is the collar. White goes so well with tweed and I love the gold collar tips, matching with the zip at the back. I didn't put any accessories on as the blouse really does speak for itself, but I topped it all of with some not-taking-the-attention-off-the-dress-but-I-am-still-beautiful chunky black boots. They do have a little heel but you could still wear the boots for hours and not feel a thing. I will be wearing these religiously, watch this space.

This blouse is in a size up, but I like it because it's oversized and it can obviously be worn as a dress! I think it would go so well tucked into a skater skirt and maybe jeans?! I'll definitely be wearing this  as much as I can, I don't know if I'll be able to get away with wearing it now since it's summer, but it seems to be getting less warm. But winter is only a few weeks away so I can't complain! Is it just me who's getting really excited for winter? I can't wait to wear dark lipstick and lots of layers. Yum!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

OOTD | I can't wait so start again

Jumper - Similar | Skirt - c/o Miss Luxe | Bag, Necklace - Primark 

Not that anyone cares but I'm so sorry for not really blogging, specially because it's summer and I've done nothing but be bored and watch countless episodes of Teen Wolf and Keeping Up With The Kardashians! I've been struggling to do outfits because I just don't have the right clothes for this weather. I won't lie and say I wasn't one of those people who wanted sun, but come on... no one wanted this! I miss layering and wearing jackets. 

 Anyways.. I realised when uploading my pictures that I had already done an outfit like this quite some time ago, so this is a revamped version! The skirt is from Miss Luxe and I found it so hard to style. I didn't want to go for a plain black shirt, that would be very typical. I was looking through my clothes and I remembered I had stolen this jumper from my sister ages ago! I've really liked seeing neons and stripes together and thought this would make a good outfit. I put on my trusty hamsa necklace and paired it with my new bag!

This bag is absolutely beautiful, I saw my friend Sian wear it a couple of weeks ago & I just wanted it so bad! It's a dupe of a Zara bag & is so beautiful. So yesterday I went to Primark and purchased it. It was hard to find a decent one though since lots of them had little scratches on them AND the price tag was in euros (what's that all about?!). It came to £12 and is totally worth it. It's so spacious and the quality is amazing, you wouldn't think it's from Primark!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Music | Birdy's album launch

Last weekend on Facebook I saw that Birdy had a competition to go to her album launch and hear previews of her new album. To enter you had to say what going to a Birdy show means to you. I entered not thinking I'd win as I literally entered a couple of hours before it ended, but on Monday morning I got an email to say that I'd won! I could bring a plus one so of course I chose to go with Vanese

The event was held the next day (Tuesday 16th) at The Royal Horseguards hotel in London. Inside was absolutely beautiful; chandeliers, hanging lights, a massive broken disco ball, millions of books on shelves. We were greeted by waiters with canap├ęs and wine. Yes, I did have a cheeky glass of red wine! 
After waiting a bit, Birdy finally came on stage. I really loved what she was wearing - an oversized floral blouse tucked into black jeans. She played a few new songs and old ones. No words can describe how enticing her voice is. It's really shocking that she's only seventeen, she has such a strong, mature yet delicate voice. When her last album came out it was all I'd listen to. I honestly thought she wouldn't be able to top her last one, but wow.. she really hit the nail on the head. The new songs are so relateable and so different from what's in the charts today. She would play the piano for one song and then get up and play guitar for the next. All the scenery and her voice made everything so perfect. Whilst she was playing I had to just close my eyes and just take it all in for a moment. 
I honestly can't pick a favourite song because they were all pretty amazing. I'm so excited to hear the songs she didn't perform. I love the song that will be her next single "Wings". I've got a video of it, but I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to put it up as it's not even out yet, but I will tell you my favourite lyrics from it "under a trillion stars, we danced on top of cars, took pictures of the stage, so far from where we are". I've told myself not to watch any of the videos before the album comes out so I don't ruin the magic!

After she performed there was a meet and greet. I was surprised to see that she's so normal, not to say that she should act in a different way, but obviously not everyone at her age who is well known would stay so normal. It felt more like she was a friend than Birdy! I'm so grateful to have got the opportunity to go to this event. I'm hoping she'll play some shows when her album comes out, I need to see her again!
Her album will be available on September 23rd in the UK and make sure to check out the video below that has snippets of two new songs from her album, the first being Wings. I see big things happening for Birdy.

Monday, 15 July 2013

OOTD | Grow old with me, let us share what we see

Cardigan - Topshop via Ebay // Vest - H&M // Skater Skirt - Amazon // Boots - Barratts 

(I couldn't not post that last photo hahaha) It's been so hot in the UK and I've literally been avoiding going outside. Most of my clothes are not suitable for summer, so that's a problem! I picked up this cute monkey vest top from H&M for £3 in the sale and paired it with my black skater skirt. Probably not best to wear black when it's so hot, but I popped on Vanese's cardigan. The cardigan has lots of cut outs so it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a cardigan. I love how the cardigan is oversized but I do apologise for not keeping it by my side to show what it actually looks like! I wore this outfit today to Starbucks for a little catch up with a friend! And I shall be wearing it tomorrow, I'm going to an early album preview thing for Birdy's new album and I will be meeting her too, I'm super excited for that! 

Friday, 12 July 2013

I brought you daffodils in a pretty string (ft Brag Vintage)

The lovely Brag Vintage contacted me & sent me these lovely Levi shorts. I'd never heard of Brag Vintage before, but oh-my-gosh am I glad I do now. All items on their website are (quite obviously) vintage which can only mean one thing - AWESOME QUALITY!! They ship worldwide & add stock everyday.
There are clothes for both men and women (dresses, tops, skirts, knitwear, accessories..etc.)
 And they sell Levi everything. And the prices are amazing. The cheapest Levi shorts I've seen are £11.99 which is an absolute bargain! There are lots of good cheap Levi jeans too, lowest price is £9.99.. yeah, you read that right! There are way too many vintage shops that are just way too expensive. I chose these lovely Levis 521 cut off shorts. I love the lace trimmings on the shorts, they give the shorts such a cute look and although I wore my gold chain, the shorts really are the statement so I don't need to wear anything too fancy with them. 
Check out Brag Vintage's - websiteblog twitterfacebook and pintrest!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Charcoal Challenge

HAPPY SUMMER, college is finished and I am happy!

Over in the UK the weather has been surprisingly good (or surprisingly too good!) I'm not used to it being so hot so I can't say I'm loving it, but it's nice when it's cooler and not baking! Anyway, I saw that Money Supermarket had a new challenge for Bloggers - The Charcoal Challenge and I though it would be super awesome to throw a BBQ since I've never had one and the weather is fab. 

So the aim for The Charcoal Challenge is to throw a BBQ on a budget. 
Money Supermarket will give you £50 so you can show how to throw a BBQ for less! 

I had a BBQ with me and 3 friends and this is how I spent the money..!