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by - July 15, 2013

Cardigan - Topshop via Ebay // Vest - H&M // Skater Skirt - Amazon // Boots - Barratts 

(I couldn't not post that last photo hahaha) It's been so hot in the UK and I've literally been avoiding going outside. Most of my clothes are not suitable for summer, so that's a problem! I picked up this cute monkey vest top from H&M for £3 in the sale and paired it with my black skater skirt. Probably not best to wear black when it's so hot, but I popped on Vanese's cardigan. The cardigan has lots of cut outs so it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a cardigan. I love how the cardigan is oversized but I do apologise for not keeping it by my side to show what it actually looks like! I wore this outfit today to Starbucks for a little catch up with a friend! And I shall be wearing it tomorrow, I'm going to an early album preview thing for Birdy's new album and I will be meeting her too, I'm super excited for that! 

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  1. Replies
    1. It's a top and skirt but thank you! Hahaha ;D x

  2. I love that monkey top and your cardigan looks lovely for this weather! I'm just like you, I really don't have many suitable summer clothes since we rarely get heatwaves like the current one! xx


    1. Aah, it's so annoying! I'm missing winter so much :( x

  3. That is one cool top.


  4. Nice quirky outfit you have pulled together! I have followed your blog a while ago now and would love for you to follow me back ! :)

    Llh x


    1. Just realise you already do! Ha I'm silly. Thanks lovely ! :)

      llh x