Thursday, 29 August 2013

300 followers + VMAS 2013 : Best Dressed

Hi there! I've been away (from blogging) for 2 weeks and it's actually been quite boring but nice to have a little break! I've not blogged because I feel like I've done all the outfits I can do with all the clothes I have and there was nothing else I felt I could blog about. But I've finally got some awesome posts coming up very soon! (Next week is dedicated to Back To School). While I was doing nothing but sleep every day, I hit 300 followers. That is hashtag cray since I only got to 200 in April - thank you so much! Blogging has been so fun, it's like the only thing that gives me joy in my life so thanks so much for all the lovely comments and stuff :)

On the weekend the VMA's took place and although I didn't fully watch it, I couldn't ignore the outfits
everyone was wearing. Here are my favourites from the night
Selena Gomez (source) : I've noticed that Selena's outfits are always amazing. I love how this dress has a sheer bralet type thing underneath and then the dress folds over showing just a little bit of flesh and the slit only makes it better. I've noticed that Selena always dresses quite classy. She makes it look so easy! 

Ciara (source) : I can't quite get over how beautiful Ciara is. And I'm constantly questioning why I love this dress, it's so wrong, yet so right! She could wear anything and make it look fabulous to be honest. 

Taylor Swift (source) :  Taylor never fails to surprise me with her outfits. I'm completely in love with this whole look - very Marilyn Monroe-esque and I love that she's showing a bit more flesh than usual but still looks super classy. I love how she wore red lips and nails with this lovely navy dress, reminds me of A/W!

Miley Cyrus (source) : Despite what everyone's saying about Miley, no one can deny that this outfit is great! I love how she's rocking the 90's trend with her hair and her outfit! I think it would be awesome to get some jeans like these black high waisted jeans from J Brand and get some gems or sequins and D.I.Y a pair like Miley's and the same with this Missguided crop top!

 Ellie Goulding (source)  : Not in a bad way but some times I think when Ellie Goulding wears things it can come across as quite tomboy-ish but this dress makes her look oh so glam! Her figure looks amazing and once again.. the slit only makes it better! I love the spikes, so different to what you usually see on the red carpet.

 Shailene Woodley (source) : I love the casual simplicity of this outfit. It's so on trend and I love how she's wearing all black and the skirt pops! I'm also loving her smokey eye.

I left these two till last because they are my absolute favourites! Cream is obviously in right now, I can't over how beautiful these dresses are, I would pay millions to own them!

Allison Williams (source) : I love this shift styled dress, I love the lace detailing and the mesh on the top half and the polo neck. I like how she didn't wear any jewellery (other than earrings), so all the attention can be on the dress! I also love how she wore black shoes instead of nude (sometimes nude with nude just doesn't go). If it were A/W yet I think this dress would go well with a dark lip!

Holland Roden (source) : This was my favourite outfit of the night. This shouldn't look as good as it does, who would've thought wearing trousers and a skirt in one would look so great?! Holland is wearing a Naeem Khan dress from the Resort 2014 Collection. I really love the top, it's like a crop top and is silver with some blue bits, it then turns into these gold high waisted trousers with a matching skirt on the sides! Paired with a pair of gold heels. Fabulous. It's nice to see such a unique outfit. I've been seeing a lot of negative reviews on Holland's outfit, personally I love it, do you?!  

Monday, 12 August 2013

So...? Sexy // I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar

 Lipstick : Rimmel London 04 : Vanese's - Fragrance Direct // Jumpers, Boots -  c/o Simply Be // Skirt - Amazon

When I got this jumper I said to myself that I'd save it for when it gets a bit chillier and even though it's not as chilly as it probably will be next month, I just couldn't resist! On the website the model is wearing this jumper over a skirt and I loved how it looked, I did originally plan to wear it over a skirt but I put on a belt and tucked my jumper in and I really liked how it looked! I love the gold crosses on the jumper, they just add a little colour to this dark outfit. I also love that the crosses are only on the front of the jumper and not all around. This is also the fluffiest thing I have ever felt, could honestly give Agnes from Despicable Me's unicorn a run for it's money ;) 

I can officially tick dark lips off of my to-do list. A couple of days ago I realised Vanese had this beautiful lipstick and made her go search for it, she found it and oh my goodness, it is beautiful. It's part of Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Kate Moss range - I'm planning on doing a post on it, there's so many wonderful things I have to say about it! 

I got the chance to review So's new fragrance So...? Sexy! A fragrance that promotes confidence and being comfortable inside your own skin. Not being funny but it actually smells sexy.. like if sexy had a smell, this would be it! On the So site it says "An aromatic heart brings together notes of rose and jasmine which blend deliciously with a creamy base of sandalwood and musk." I've only had it for what a week? and it's nearly finished, I've been spraying it way too much!
I chose this outfit because it makes me feel sexy. Sexy to me is not about how I look naked or how much I weigh, but what I wear! I'm not saying I love my body because I really don't but when I wear an outfit that I like, I don't feel insecure or anything like that. I like to feel confident with my body but I only ever feel that when I'm wearing clothes that I like. Wherever I go I always put on my best outfit because that makes me feel good!  Everyone has their own definitions of sexy, but that's mine :)
What's your definition of sexy?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Winter Wants

Winter Wants

Winter Wants by allyretro featuring a hooded parka

I know, I know.. it's only August! But surely the whole point in doing a winter wishlist is to do it before winter?! ;) The sun is more or less gone now, we're getting thunder storms and lots of rain and it's making me so happy! Being all comfy in my bed whilst watching Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, drinking hot chocolate, layering  up.. bring it on! And not that anyone cares but I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. I've done absolutely nothing this summer so my motivation to blog has gone down hill!
Anyhoo, on to the wishlist..

1 - The amount of regret I have for not purchasing one of these hoodies last year is big. I remember trying one of these hoodies on in Topshop last year and it was so freaking comfortable! I love how they look under denim jackets with the hoods out at at the back. It's an essential that I need!

2 - Cut out boots are so in right now and they are so versatile season wise! These will look so good in winter with different socks and probably any outfit.

3 - I actually have a beanie already in burgundy, but I found it hard to style because it's burgundy! So I really want a black one, beanie's look so good with everything. But Beanie's are pretty pricey, I bought mine on Amazon for like £3 so if you're going to get one make sure to check Ebay, Amazon and sites like that first!

4 - There is something about wearing tights and boots with socks coming out so appealing. I think these socks would be great for winter, they're obviously not popping with colour so it would be awesome to style these.

5 - Last year Vanese found a beautiful Parka in a charity shop for about £10 and ever since I've been super jealous! They're obviously really exensive everywhere so I'm hoping that when the coats come back on the charity shop rails I'll be able to find a decent one! They are so comfortable and I love the ones with the fur around them. There's nothing I hate more than having a thin coat during winter. I've made this mistake one too many times!

6 - I'm not sure why I think these shoes would be suitable for winter, but there's just something about them! I love the colour and the platform.

7 - Scarves are mandatory in winter, this one looks so comfy and I love the colour!

8 - Of course winter isn't complete without a dark lip! I think dark lips looks absolutely beautiful on everyone, specially paired with dark clothes! Although this lipstick is twelve pounds, it's very worth it as it's such a nice colour and I'm sure (if I had it) it would be worn lots!

9 - Everyone needs at least one pair of jeans when winter time comes. I love these ones and I love the short leg. I think high waisted jeans will be popular this winter too, they're just too nice to wear for one season!