Tuesday, 24 September 2013

3 Vampy Lipsticks for A/W

A bit of a different post from me today, I've wanted to do more beauty posts for quite some time now, but I always tend to buy clothes and shoes instead of buying beauty products! My sister Vanese is always doing beauty posts and I want to join her! I'm going to attempt to be a bit more creative with my posts now, I really want to have more content on here as opposed to just fashion posts! 

I've been obsessing over dark lipsticks for ages now so I pretty much went full on crazy when the sun disappeared! Last year I didn't jump on the oxblood trend, I didn't feel so confident wearing anything dark on my face back then, but this year I'm loving dark lips! I've picked out my top 3 vampy lipsticks that I think will be great for this autumn winter. (Please excuse the odd picture out below!)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Coats for Winter

Coats for Winter
 Hello there! I took a little break from blogging to focus on my first week back at college. I've got my timetable and it is so great - I start at 2pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Have Wednesday's off and start at 9:30 on Friday's, that's my kind of timetable! I've told myself to make the most of this year and to come out of my comfort zone, a lot of the work has to do with being creative so I really think outside of the box this year and do the best I can! And now that I've got my timetable and late starts I can plan my posts and be more organised! Anyhoo..Winter time is here! A coat is a necessity in winter time and I've picked out my top 6 favourites that I think would be great for this a/w.

1 & 3 - A popular trend for coats this a/w seems to be 'boyfriend'. Boyfriend coats are always oversized. I really like how these two fold over as opposed to normal ones that have buttons or a zip - this makes the coats look very classy.

2 - I usually go for the basic black coat, but I actually love the colour of this one! I love the massive pockets and how long it is, although I don't like the fact you can't do it up which is a bit of a turn off especially because you're going to need to do your coat up when it's chilly out!

4 - I absolutely adore this coat. I'm really liking the structure of it and I like how the model has been styled. The charcoal colour goes so well with burgundy. My only problem would be that it's too long for a shortie like me.

5 - I really like this baseball styled jacket, it's so laid back and I like the oversized, boyfriend look it has! I recently found a jacket kind of similar to this one in a charity shop for £1 so I'll definitely have to feature that.

6 - As soon as I saw this coat I was instantly reminded of Jade/Dotty-Dolly's post last year on her 'perfect winter coat'. I love it when coats have faux fur linings, it makes it 10x cosier! I really love how it flares at the bottom, it's such a nice pretty little coat. I love the buttons and the structure of this coat too.

Which coats are you loving this a/w?

Friday, 13 September 2013

OOTD || Hold your head high, think about a better time

As I'm writing this Bella is purring and walking around my body, trying to find a comfortable space in my lap and I'm listening to Birdy's Mahogany Session performance of Words As Weapons. Bliss. 

I found this beautiful blouse in a charity shop for 50p, I can't even explain how happy I am to have found this. These days blouses start from like £15+ and are sheer, so to find one that was not-so-sheer and cheap really just made my day. This blouse it an off white colour and it has easy to do buttons and detailing down the buttons and around the collar. It has these panels on either side, which give it a kind of blazer-styled look.

Before this week I absolutely loathed this skirt, I couldn't find anything to wear it with and it's really big without a belt - so when I bought this blouse I knew they would make a perfect match. I guess my problem was that I had no white tops/shirts and as for the big around the waist .. I guess I'll have to deal with it! I added in my new £4 Primark multi-chain necklace, I really love how it looks with the outfit. I wore my Simply Be boots to finish it all off, I thought it would be nice to add some height!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Anonymous Guest Post // Is it the end for 'plus-size' modelling?

It's a tale as old as fashion magazines themselves: why, when we open those pages, turn on the television, or look up at a billboard, do we never see anyone who looks like us? The tendency for modelling agencies to only use women of a certain, very slim body type has been known to have disastrous consequences at each end of the spectrum.

Women and girls who are larger than the average model - which, let's face it, is most of us, considering the average British woman is a size 12 - are left feeling abnormal and paranoid about their bodies. At the same time, the industry drives many of its models to physical and psychological trauma through extreme dieting, sometimes with fatal consequences.

It's a breath of fresh air, then, to see a modelling agency taking a stand against the divide between models for  'normal' and 'plus-size' clothing - a division which makes the latter somehow freakish and excessive. In a bizarre twist, many models are told they either need to lose or gain weight, in order to be 'normal,' also known as a UK size 6-8, or 'plus-size,'  a UK size 14-16, since apparently there is nothing acceptable in between.

Jag modelling agency in New York have dispensed with the divide, instead choosing to group all their models together. Their aim is "putting girls of all sizes on the covers of magazines" and while there's a long way to go before the industry itself starts running campaigns with women all sizes, as well as with ladies of different ethnicities and ages, it's a hugely positive statement.

Jennie Runk, a successful plus-sized model, is one of their clients, and says she agrees that the distinction should be lost. A size16 swimwear model, she said in an interview with the BBC that “people assume that ‘plus’ equates to fat, which in turn equates to ugly. This is completely absurd ...this is exactly the kind of thing I've always wanted to accomplish, showing women that it's OK to be confident even if you're not the popular notion of ‘perfect’.”

This kind of positive attitude, along with great retailers like isme.com increasingly offering stylish plus size clothing that celebrates curves rather than hiding them, gives us some hope that we might finally learn to celebrate diversity in beauty.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Back to school : Part 3 || Freshers Fashion

It's my last weekend before college starts back on Wednesday and I'm not dreading it.. this summer has been so repetitive, I feel like I need a change! This is the last part of my mini Back To School series and I'm taking part in "Freshers Fashion" with Epiphany Search. I had £50 to spend at Tesco Clothing to create my perfect first week back at uni/college and this is what I've chosen!
 photo 2_zpsa9c8f085.png   photo 3_zpsbe673dc7.png  photo SAM_8603_zpsdc1f5915.png
Tesco's Women's clothing is so nice! When deciding what to pick, I went for things that are more like essentials that you'll need for college/uni. J'adore T-shirt : I picked this one specifically because of the chain, it adds such a nice touch and allows me to be jewellery free! I'm a big fan of grey because it's like black, you can literally wear it with anything, so I'm glad I chose this versatile piece. I love the the J'adore on the shirt also, most fonts on printed shirts these days are way too big and attention seeking, so it was nice to see one that wasn't too bold. I was going to pair this with black jeans but the jeans I ordered didn't come in time so I decided to wear it with my black skater skirt and to go with the black and gold colour scheme, I added my black belt with a gold buckle! Black Cardigan : Black cardigans are something I think everyone should have. They go with everything and I like that this one helps with the transition into winter, it's not too chunky but it's not the thinnest. I shall be wearing the crap out of this. Lastly.. these beautiful Chelsea Boots : I couldn't believe that they were only £18! They are my new favourite things right now. I've been wearing them to death and they just look so beautiful with everything. As I said, I wanted to wear this outfit with jeans but they hadn't arrived yet, but I think they still look good with a skirt! They are pointed and have little gold hole-punctured detailing on them. Chelsea boots are something most people have and they just always look good. I think these will also be good for transitioning into winter, but also great for winter! Although, I wouldn't suggest wearing them in winter when it's raining or snowing. I'd suggest some Clarks (Great for ladies shoes uk) boots for winter, they have such a good range! I want to get my hands on these beauts. I like the idea of black boots for winter, but I also love brown ones. These chelsea boots are really comfortable and will quite possibly be worn everyday and I'm still in shock at how cheap they are, my goodness! 

This term I'm excited to start fresh. Last year I lacked motivation, but my goal for this last year is to move past from that and do as much work as I can and do myself proud! I'm also really excited to start wearing my new clothes and for winter to arrive! <3

What are you excited for this term?

Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to school : Part 1 // I'm just a child trying on the world & it's too big for me

So I'm dedicating my blog to 'back to school' this week. I think it's all going to be outfits, maybe a video haul with Vanese - but I'm still not sure! I go back to college on the 11th so I'm probably really late as I know most have started school/college these last two weeks. Anyhoo, I'm doing this kind of £50 challenge with  Epiphany Search to spend at Tesco Clothing and create my perfect back to school look. That post will be up on Friday!

I got this top a while ago from Primark. I got it in a size up but I don't like the sleeves, I wish they were more fitted around the arms and it's a bit too oversized than I'd like! (I complain but I know I'll buy more!) anyway, when I put on these jeans with this shirt it actually made the shirt look half decent! I then topped it off with these beautiful chelsea boots I picked from Tesco! I love how they look with the jeans (I think they'll look amazing with a black skinny pair). I then I wore my new Sleek lipstick in Mulberry (dark a/w lipsticks posts coming up soon!) and my Primark cross necklace! I think this outfit would be just a nice casual outfit for college and when it gets chillier I can just pop on a nice jacket on top or change the shirt for a nice jumper.