by - October 04, 2013

I know, I know.. I've jumped on the flatform bandwagon a little too late.. but in my defence it was too hot to go outside this summer, let alone thinking of what footwear to buy! These beauties are originally from Topshop  - RRP £35 but I got them on next2nowt for an amazing £20. The right foot is a bit loose at the back, whereas the left fits perfectly, but it's nothing too major. I'm very happy I have these as I've been inspired by Stephanie from TheFashionCitizen, I love the way she styles them. She is my style icon. I shall be saving these for next summer or maybe see if I can slip them on, on a night out!

Do you like flatforms?

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  1. I love how flatforms look, but once I tried them on in a shop and it was the most embarrassing thing ever because I just couldn't walk in them to save my life hahaha! They do look really nice though, I think it's because they're simple but different. Definitely good for a night out!

    1. LOOOOOL I think I will probably have the same problem because doesn't really count if I've just walked around in my house haha! Yeah, I really like how big they are :) X