My life in pictures & life update #14

by - November 06, 2013

New flatforms // Finally got to see Peter & Kerry live // Twin Selfie // OOTD // Pumpkin Spice Latte <3 // New Look sale buys // Tinseltown // Me and Ellie with Jasmine from Towie // Banana's and blueberries for breakfast.
Being attractive with Zara // AccessAllASOS gifts! // Fruit, Granola, Soya milk and Company // Getting out the winter socks // Company and Topcorn // Finally have I.D! // Costa hot chocolate & Mushroom English Muffin (totally amazing) // Elavator Selfie // Love locks in Shoreditch.
Miley bunches with Vanese // Beautiful midnight // Nachos before Peter & Kerry // Starbucks lunchin' // Elevator Selfie pt 2 // Vanese isn't a fan of Avocados // Inception selfie // Fruit Shacker from M&S // Me and Kitty.

Ah, it feels so good blogging again, we've had no Wifi through the whole half term (leaving me to actually do coursework!) These pictures are from the past 4/5 months and they've been rather eventful and full of selfies! I finally got to see Peter & Kerry live at Hoxton Square & Bar Kitchen with Vanese, it was really something. I also walked past and exchanged smiles with Lianne La Havas whilst I was there. It was great. I can't believe it's November already, this year has gone so quick! I'm very excited for Christmas, I've done most of my present shopping already, just got three more things to buy! I'm not sure what's on my Christmas list yet.. hmm.
What's on yours?!

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  1. welcome back! yeah I've just about finished all of my christmas shopping too, soon I can relax and enjoy it haha! I already had a watch bought for me so Im not really expecting much this Christmas. xxx

    1. Thank you!! Eeeh, yes! I'm so excited :D Aww, I should do that too, I'm not really wanting anything this year! x