What I got for Christmas (2013)

by - December 25, 2013

Hello there!
I had such a wonderful Christmas yesterday, my favourite part was all the food; I could live on Parsnips and stuffing for the rest of my life! I got some really awesome gifts too so I thought I'd share them with y'all
I've been obsessing over rings so much recently so I was happy to see that Vanese got me lots! The gold ones are midi's and are so lovely, they all have tiny different shapes and look really good on! I took a liking to the site Waiste about a month ago so it made me really happy that Vanese got me this beautiful Purple Oval Ring from their site. It looks so nice with my nails painted and mixed with the gold rings!
The next thing from Vanese was this super adorable Ukulele! I've been wanting one but never really got round to actually getting one! I'm so excited to learn how to play the Ukulele and play all my favourite songs!
Aaah, Vanese got me the boots I've been dying for from ClothesMinded. Although that platform is mahoosive, these are honestly the comfiest and easiest boot typed platform heels I've ever walked in, I'd compare them to walking flatforms. They make me look really tall which is always a bonus and the platform is so big that it's hard to fall over in them!  These are now £19 from £38, totally worth it if you're looking for a good deal! 
Next from Vanese is this "90's thing" muscle t-shirt from ASOS. I love printed shirts and as soon as I saw this I thought it would go amazing with my Levi jeans to give it the full 90's look! 
My older sister got my this beautiful jewelry holder with three compartments. I'm so happy to have this, I struggle with keeping my jewelry together so this is very handy! Also inside was one of those necklaces with the letters on that you can change, so I'm excited to wear that with different words on!   
Vanese got me James Franco's book Palo Alto. I've not had a read of it yet, but I've read about it and I can't wait to dig in! Vanese then got me a pack of 5 disposable cameras, so awesome! )I used one for Christmas day.) She also got me the Switch Series One boxset. I was obsessed with this show and so gutted when it didn't come back for a second series on ITV2, but now I don't have to be sad because I can watch it forever on repeat! 
And lastly, Vanese got me this amazing photo album to go with the disposable cameras. I love the quote on it and the little "Ally's Memories" sign. This is so cute, definitely my top gift! I can't wait to take photos, get them developed and then put them into the photo album, it's gonna be awesome!

So that's what I got for Christmas this year! I'm honestly so grateful for everything, I couldn't be happier! I love reading What I Got For Christmas posts, so if you have one please leave a link I'd love to have a read!
If you want to see what I got Vanese, click here to see her post.

I can't believe 2013 is coming to an end. I don't think I'll ever get used to saying 2014. It just doesn't sound right! I need to do a resolutions, New Years ootd and a "My Year In Blogging" post! So I guess I'll see you very soon, bye:)

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  1. Ooooh the James Franco book!
    Also those shoes are bomb - Vanese knows you so well! x

    1. I'm so excited to read it! Ah, thank you, I couldn't agree more ;) X

  2. Ah those shoes arel amazing! And I love the rings,


    1. I'm so in love with them!! Thank you ^-^ X

  3. Waaaa, great post, dear! *0* I like the boots, I want them!
    I also love the t-shirt and the rings! (:


    1. Thank you lovely!! Eeeh, I can't get enough of them haha :D <3

  4. The photo album with the disposable cameras is such a lovely idea! Hope you had a wonderful christmas ☃
    Sarah Xx

    1. Aaah yeah, so thoughtful! Thank you lovely, I did and I hope you did too! :D X