Wednesday, 29 January 2014

NEW IN | River Island Chunky Ankle Boots

River Island - Ankle Boots

You may notice these boots from my last wishlist post, all my shoes are either broken or very worn out so I thought I'd take the plunge and purchase these. I'm the kind of person to buy footwear from Primark for no more than £8 so buying these for £40 was a very hard task, I was praying I'd hate them when they arrived but unfortunately I fell deeply in love with them and now have no regrets! The boots feel very well made and strong. When trying them on I thought they'd feel really heavy but they felt completely normal, the fit is amazing too, there is just enough space for your foot to breathe and it's not too tight on the leg. I adore the quilted panels, they make them look just that bit different and the silver zips top it all off. I went on a walk for an hour in these and they were super comfortable. I'm happy that the platform is so small because it allows me to wear them on a casual day without looking over the top. Buying these boots has made me realise that I really need to spend a bit more than a few pounds on footwear because at the end of the day they're going to last longer and that's cheaper for me in the long run. 
Overall, I'm very happy with these boots and can't wait to style them with everything!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Wishlist | January

January Wishlist
It seems I can't resist the temptation of black! This month I've been lusting over trends that will be big this s/s.

one: I think for definite, skater dresses and skirts will be big hits again this summer (along with the smock). I really like this one with the a-line bottom and quarter length sleeves. I think it may be a bit too dark to see here but it has symmetrical panels on the left and right and these give off quite a smart look, but the model is wearing cut out boots with it and it looks so nice and casual. Very nice for a warm spring day.

two: I've been loving the look of full midi and skater skirts. I love how they go with absolutely any top or jumper and paired with big chunky boots. I'd wear this with a plain shirt and a massive pendant necklace. This seems like a must for summer, definitely need to get my hands on one!

three: I actually put riding pants in.. probably in my last wishlist, but I put the American Apparel ones in and then I recently found out Topshop do them too and for half the price! I literally always wear a skirt because I  just don't think trousers or jeans suit me and in sixth form I remember I would wear trousers or leggings paired with a massive shirt and I think riding pants would be a nice updated version of those outfits I used to wear! 

four: Fedoras are always popular in summer, I love how dramatic they look! I'd love to have one but my hair is so short it just wouldn't look right. 

five: H&M used to sell a pair of boots almost exactly like these but they're long gone now and I was so gutted when I found out they don't sell them anymore.. then along came River Island! I absolutely love these boots, I really like the quilted panel and the silver detailing. These are kind of the perfect chunky boots that could be worn all year round. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

OOTD | when the cold shakes my bones, it's the rug that warms my soul

Coat - New Look (similar) | Shirt - Primark | Skirt - Amazon | Boots - Clothes Minded | Lips - Topshop 'All About Me'

The weather has been absolutely atrocious recently and taking outfit pictures just doesn't work because it's too dark to see anything, but I did eventually get some decent photos! This outfit is mainly for the amazing boyfriend coat (which is actually Vanese's so I had to wait to blog about it because we have a rule of 'you can show it on your blog but because it's mine I have to post about it first'). This coat is from New Look but it doesn't seem to be on their site anymore but this one is basically it in coral. I love black and white's with pop's of pinks so I wore my striped crop top and my infamous skater skirt..definitely going to try and wear a variety of bottoms this year! I also wore a Topshop's 'All About Me' and my clothesminded boots. And now I really want a black boyfriend coat because it's such a versatile colour and unfortunately I cannot get away with wearing this pink one everyday! The song in the title is from a song called Home by Dan Croll, he's always being advertised on Spotify and I really like his music. Home is a sweet, feel-good song about home! Listen to it here :)

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

OOTD : NYE | Beauty comes and goes but love stays until the end

Dress - New Look | Necklace - New Look | Shoes - Clothes Minded | Lipstick - Rimmel 107

Hello all, happy new year! I actually went out to celebrate the new year this year, so I had to make sure I went out and got a new dress! I searched high and low for a nice dress, but everywhere I looked left me disappointed. I settled for this Navy Metallic Animal Jacquard Skater Dress from New Look for only £11. I  didn't really like it when I tried it on in store, but when I went home and tried it on I think I may have felt love for the first time! I absolutely love the colour and style, my favourite part is the gold/metallic effect it has going on. I finally wore this beaut of a necklace for the first time, it's such a great statement piece and I think it really compliments the dress with the gold accents. I didn't actually wear these shoes on the day but I thought they would look pretty with this outfit! I got some lovely compliments on this dress, New Look just never fail!

 I had a really good nye and I hope you guys did too! I went to a house party then went to another one.. in a barn! Here are some pictures of my night, big shoutout to my lovely buddies Beth and Laura who said they read my blog, that's literally made my year! I'm still in shock that it's 2014, it just doesn't feel right or real; next month marks two years since me and Vanese started our blogs, March I will be turning 19 and in June I will finish my final year of college! It's so crazy and I'm not sure I'm completely ready for this year!