Wishlist | January

by - January 20, 2014

January Wishlist
It seems I can't resist the temptation of black! This month I've been lusting over trends that will be big this s/s.

one: I think for definite, skater dresses and skirts will be big hits again this summer (along with the smock). I really like this one with the a-line bottom and quarter length sleeves. I think it may be a bit too dark to see here but it has symmetrical panels on the left and right and these give off quite a smart look, but the model is wearing cut out boots with it and it looks so nice and casual. Very nice for a warm spring day.

two: I've been loving the look of full midi and skater skirts. I love how they go with absolutely any top or jumper and paired with big chunky boots. I'd wear this with a plain shirt and a massive pendant necklace. This seems like a must for summer, definitely need to get my hands on one!

three: I actually put riding pants in.. probably in my last wishlist, but I put the American Apparel ones in and then I recently found out Topshop do them too and for half the price! I literally always wear a skirt because I  just don't think trousers or jeans suit me and in sixth form I remember I would wear trousers or leggings paired with a massive shirt and I think riding pants would be a nice updated version of those outfits I used to wear! 

four: Fedoras are always popular in summer, I love how dramatic they look! I'd love to have one but my hair is so short it just wouldn't look right. 

five: H&M used to sell a pair of boots almost exactly like these but they're long gone now and I was so gutted when I found out they don't sell them anymore.. then along came River Island! I absolutely love these boots, I really like the quilted panel and the silver detailing. These are kind of the perfect chunky boots that could be worn all year round. 

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  1. Those boots are absolutely gorgeous! can't believe I didn't see them in H&M!
    This is so random but I am planning on going to London (your home town) for a night out, how much do you think I'd end up spending because I'm so unsure x

    1. I know, I need to get my hands on them! Oooh well I've never really been out properly other than locally but on travel, it depends because you're probably going to have to take a cab as tubes and trains don't run from around 1am, but I always call the closest cab company to where I'm planning to in advance to see what the price will be, this helps so much! But for when you're out I'd say thirty pounds is a good price if you want to have a good time cause drinks in London just aren't cheap, but there's always good places that let in girls for free before a specific time or have really good deals on drinks! You should definitely check out the sites of where you're going because there's always drinks menus with the prices! Hope this helps :) x

    2. So do I! Love that it would give you a little bit of heel but still could be classed as a casual boot:-) wow thank you so much! that has really helped me... you're a star m'dear! x

    3. Yeah, that's what I love about them! Aww, no problem glad I could help and enjoy your night ^-^ x