Wishlist | February

by - February 22, 2014

Feb Wishlist

This month I've been loving essentials and summer-esque bits

One : Monki 
Zosia Cardigan - I really love big oversized cardigans, this one from Monki is so similar to an American Apparel one that I like and is just as expensive! This would be so lovely to throw on in summer on a humid evening.

Two : Shell Pink Chiffon ShirtI really like the colour of this boxy blouse from New Look, a nice colour for spring. I'm really digging how long the sleeves are too. I think this blouse would look really nice with a black PVC mini skirt!

ThreeThe Jules Bag by Marc B - I was totally blown away by this beautiful burgundy Marc B bag when on the Topshop site. This is such a lovely every day bag that I would love to be carrying around with me in summer. I'd say burgundy is quite a versatile colour so this bag would probably go with every outfit. 

FourSevered Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn SchneiderI came across this book whilst on Amazon, it's about a a seventeen-year-old boy called Ezra Faulkner who some say has the "perfect life" until one day his life is turned upside down after a tragic car accident causing him to break his knees. He can no longer achieve his dream in the athletic career and is no longer popular. He then meets a girl called Cassidy Thorpe and she is someone who is unlike anyone Ezra has ever met and together they discover new adventures! I'm a sucker for a love story and nearly every review I've read on this book says that it's fairly similar to The Fault in Our Stars and I love that book so I think I'll thoroughly enjoy this one!

Five : Lucy Lace Bra - Triangle Lace Bras are the only things I see on Tumblr these days and everyone looks beautiful in them. I've put way too many triangle bra's in my wishlists to not have one by now, it's one of those things I always forgot to buy when I have money! I love how cute and dainty they look.

Six : Topshop Tika2 High Vamp Skaters - I've seen many different versions of these slip on's everywhere recently (I'm pretty sure their a dupe of someone's but I can't remember who!) I've really been loving how people have been styling them with jeans and printed pants. These ones are a bargain at £20 on Topshop, I love the croc effect and the mono colours which make them easy to wear with almost anything!

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