March | Wishlist

by - April 09, 2014

March Wishlist
Life has been so busy recently with college and all of it's deadlines. I started this year with a positive attitude towards blogging, making sure I'd do at least 4 posts per month.. and here I am with 1 post done in March! I want to start blogging properly when I get all my work done and save some money for some new clothes! Anyway, here's my (late) March Wishlist! <3

1 - Patterned bottoms are so in right now and whilst on a hunt for Sammi's pair on River Island, I came across a similar version. I love the pattern and like Sammi's it would look nice dressed down and with a belt (which awesomely comes with the trousers).

2/3 - I have a massive love for striped tops, I just love how casual they are and I think it's super important to own at least one! 1 is from Topshop and I like the black background and thin white lines, these shirt would probably look good with any colour lipstick! I could also see this crop top being paired with one of those adorable ballerina type skirts.

4 - Co-ords have been very popular recently, I imagine they will be a favourite this spring/summer. What I like about this pair is that the top/jacket have sleeves, most co-ords I see are sleeveless so it's nice to see a change. I love the rolled sleeves, colours and the patterns.

5 - Over the past couple of months I think it's fair to say that trainers have been getting very popular again. The last time I wore trainers were probably when I was in primary school and after that I never thought I'd actually want a pair.. but after seeing many photos on Tumblr I've been persuaded and now I feel I need a pair! I've seen quite a few people purchase these Nike Air Force 1's in black and white. I really love the white pair and since black is what I wear most of the time, it would be nice for a pop of colour to end it with!

6 - Recently I've been liking Matalan. It came as a surprise to me that their items are actually quite good! As soon as I saw this coat on their site I knew I had to put it up on this wishlist. Pastels are always in around this time so I think this would be the perfect coat for spring and summer. It's lightweight and cropped and looks seriously good with the outfit it has been styled with! There's also a longer version which is just as beautiful!

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  1. Loving all of these picks. I simply can never have enough striped tops in my wardrobe!


    1. Thank you! Eeeh, couldn't agree more <3

  2. I love striped tops too! they are so versatile, whats not to like?! Just found your blog and I love it! Now following ya! :)

    Rose xo

    1. Thank you, I'm a big fan of your blog so that's lovely to see you say! x

  3. Love the striped crop top, looks very AA (even though it's from topshop :p)