Tuesday, 30 December 2014


(source: tumblr)

Hello there, stranger! To say its been a long time would be the biggest understatement of 2014! As the end of the year approaches, so does my urge to blog again. I feel like since coming to university I've done nothing but laze about & watch Gossip Girl (doesn't mean I regret it!) Some say you shouldn't wait for a new year to make changes - as much as I agree, I also think that sometimes a new year is what you need. It's a chance to say goodbye to bad habits, let go of grudges, eliminate the negative & move on to better things. That being said, here's some of my resolutions for the new year..

|| Have a positive attitude towards life 
|| Attempt one good deed a day
|| Spend less time over-thinking and worrying
|| Be more organised
|| Don't be afraid to tell people how I feel
|| Exercise
|| Create a playlist on Spotify each month
|| Give away clothes I don't wear
|| Challenge my comfort zone
|| Make an Acai Bowl
|| Blog more frequently
|| Say goodbye to weirdly shaped eyebrows
|| Drink more water
|| Don't let anxiety or panic stop me from doing my thang
|| Find the perfect red lipstick
|| Complete the 30-day-shred
|| Read more books, magazines and blogs
|| Go to at least three gigs
|| Less chocolate, more veggies
|| Go to another country in Europe
|| Get a new look
|| Save and be smarter with money
|| Remember it's work before play 
|| Buy a new acoustic guitar
|| Do something for the first time

What are you resolutions for the new year?
(Happy new year x)