Student Help Guide | Tips for moving into halls

by - August 04, 2016

Moving into halls can be an exciting time, moving out of your family home and living independently, making new friends, living in a new area and lots of other things! And as fun as it is, it can also be stressful if you don't prepare beforehand, so here are some tips for anyone moving into halls!

- It is super important to do your research on the different halls of residence your university offers. While it is easier to just go for the cheapest option, you have to remember that you will be living there for a while so it's good to think about the pros and cons of each place. For example, would you want to share a bathroom or would you rather an en-suite? Do you want a single or a double bed? How far is the halls of residence from campus? Would you have to pay to get a bus every time you have to go to uni? Would you mind walking twenty minutes to and from campus everyday?

Make a list for of things you need to buy
- Without a list, moving into halls will be a difficult time! You wouldn't think it but there are a lot of essentials you need to remember to bring with you. Firstly, check on your universities website for what is already available so you don't end up buying what is already there. It's easier to figure out what you need when you break it down into each room. The bedroom is easy to sort out as most halls have a wardrobe and bin so all you really need to buy is new bedding if it's a different size to your own, but most things you will have already from your previous home. For the bathroom you will need to buy cleaning products and possibly baskets to put all your bathroom essentials in. Lastly, the kitchen. Not only do you need plates and cutlery but also pots and pans. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read reviews on the kitchenware you buy as some things are cheap but the quality bad. I've had pots break within one use and pans catch on fire, funny thinking back on but my bank account wasn't laughing!

- When packing for uni you will need to think about where everything is going to go during the move. When I moved I used a combination of boxes, IKEA bags and carrier bags. You can get a pack of 10 boxes from *Davpack, they have a kit of 10 boxes which are made for students who are moving! In the kit you get small, medium and large storage boxes all for £14.59 and with the code 'STUDENT10' can give you 10% off! Boxes are useful to keep under your bed for when you're in uni or if there's no space can pack away somewhere neatly and then take them out again when you're moving!

Join your freshers Facebook group
- I'm not sure if this is for every university, but most universities will have groups on Facebook for the new set of freshers joining. This is useful for when you find out your room number, you can go on a group and find out who your flatmates are and even set up a facebook chat group with them all. I found this was super helpful in my first year of uni and it was nice to chat to my housemates beforehand so I wasn't so nervous on the move in day!

The whole moving in process of halls is a little overwhelming, but it will be worth it in the end. To any freshers moving into halls soon, I wish you good luck and I hope this post has been helpful!

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